I like Dunks coffee and I cannot lie
Yesterday 12:59PM

Yeah, but to be fair...who the Hell decides on what bar to visit by reading Internet reviews? Don’t people generally see a bar on their commute or something and say, “Hey, that place look interesting, I’ll have to check it out.” Read more

Yesterday 10:09AM

What I don’t get with all this is....if you hate the bar’s policy, why not just not go there? Have they never heard the term ‘money talks, bullshit walks’? Like don’t patronize the place, boycott it, whatever. All this other stuff is like absolute bullshit and mostly meaningless.

Sunday 11:46PM

So far this year, Yelp has placed more than 15 unusual activity alerts on pages “related to a business’s stance on covid-19 vaccinations,” she added.” Read more

Friday 1:17PM

I look forward to the day-long rebuttal that The Inventory will post.

Thursday 7:52PM

They must have revised Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs since I last attended college.  Read more

Thursday 6:19PM

cool, glad to know every sex pest can go unpunished because trump used to be president

Thursday 7:49AM

No matter how many security violations they finally report, fb is still the drug of choice for many people.  For the nth time, I repeat that whole swaths of “users” on fb have been dead for years, but fb likes to keep their names active to inflate the statistics.  When I signed on, I got “requests” from deceased Read more

Thursday 1:59AM

Uh, why is everyone posting this story as though the problem was caused by “One Fastly Customer”. That’s not what happened at all.

What happened is some Fastly developer or developers introduced a bug in their code, and the bug took down their platform. They state on their own blog that the customer deployed a valid Read more

Wednesday 11:40PM

No, you’re still depressed. You just think it’s frickin’ hilarious.

Wednesday 4:29PM

Yes.  Poorly.  And are you suggesting that internal devices/networks are somehow immune from bugs that can bring everything down?

Wednesday 4:16PM

Be careful: a bunch of people are about to come flying out of the woodwork to tell you that the article tells you exactly what happened. Read more

Wednesday 4:15PM

I know this has nothing to do with it.  But I love pointing out instances like this as to why we should not trust “Autonomous” cars on our roads.  Software engineers are the worst engineers.  This comes from a software engineer.

Wednesday 3:47PM

I don’t know how to say this without it sounding a little condescending, which I swear is not my intent, but how were you dumping out your cannister that it ‘sent clouds of [dust] billowing into the air?’ Read more

Wednesday 2:31PM

Most of this is not really about bagged vs. bagless at all. A lot of it is just about buying a good vacuum cleaner vs. a shitty one. Read more

6/08/21 4:39PM

someone should do one of those side by side pics - “headphones before apple airpods”, “headphones after”.