I like Dunks coffee and I cannot lie
Yesterday 11:48AM

Because they’re conservatives. “All I want is to be left alone to do what I want without interference. Is that too much to ask?......Hey, you over there! You have to do what I tell you to do even if it does not affect me in the least!”

Thursday 6:24PM

So the fact that he’s a serial sexual harasser and refused to pay child support until the court attached his back account is also conveniently forgotten by CNN? Oh wait....

Thursday 10:31AM

While you’re undoubtedly right that the government wants you to feel miserable (and stupid and dependent), I think the real issue here is that nobody holds a patent on N2O, MDMA, or marijuana.

Thursday 7:43AM

This is the first cogent argument I have heard for treating attempted murder differently than successful murder. I suppose it also gives the perp a reason to reconsider their actions if they are not initially successful. Thank you.

Wednesday 3:57PM

You’re right, of course, but there have been equally tragic road rage outcomes that didn’t involve firearms, just “items at hand” (like the car itself).

Wednesday 12:32PM

Yup. And I was just yesterday talking to someone about road rage shooting incidents who said they could never understand how somebody could do something like that. My reply: “Perhaps you’ve just never been in the exact circumstances that person was in at the time. Unless you’re certain you have, you have no right to Read more

Wednesday 12:12PM

So what’s the alternative? Serious question. CDN’s serve a real purpose on the internet by allowing faster...umm...content delivery than would be possible using the purely end-to-end protocols which the internet is based on. Read more