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What the actual fuck? I ask that of every nutter who starred your comment also. What the actual fuck people? Read more

But it’s not even good pee pee humor.  Read more

Junior might run to try proving to Daddy he’s not the loser Daddy knows he is. Ivanka probably has learned from this debacle that it’s better to work in the shadows. Eric is Eric.
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I totally agree with you, but what a sign of progress that the daughter of Jamaican and Indian immigrants who is married to a Jew is the (yawn) obvious choice. Also, any progressive who won’t vote for Biden because of his VP choice isn’t a real progressive - they’re just a Chapo anarchist who wants to burn it all down. Read more

Little from column A, little from column B. Read more

The moaning and bellyaching on this site is so annoying. How old are the writers? I’m 35 and have been able to vote in 4 presidential elections. Half the time, the candidate I voted for, Kerry and Clinton, lost. Does that mean I should give up on voting? No! Politics is cyclical. Sometimes the candidates you want to Read more

How many relationships will we explore in these?! Who will go on a date this time? Who will break up with who? Will Ed and Kelly almost get together (again), and decide they work better as friends (again)? Read more

I was never particularly into him, but I am even less into all the hardcore Bernie supporters who act like the worst possible thing would be to have a president willing to reflect the opinions of the largest number of Americans rather than one who says he has the answers. I’m voting for Bernie, again, but not without Read more

I can’t tell you how good it is to see people saying this here. I’ve supported him since the beginning, and watching the narrative form has been enlightening to say the least. Read more

I get that hardcore lefties got scared by Buttigieg and how his campaign aimed for the center so successfully, but it doesn’t make the smear campaign against him look any less unmotivated and ridiculous. It’s like MAGA, only more intellectually insufferable. Read more

When you’re called to court to testify...testify. Read more

Everyone was behind Warren until Bernie decided to enter the race again. He could have easily stayed out, especially after having a heart attack, and threw his support behind her.
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Actually, no. Why should the nominee need to fend off questions from the left? He needs to orient to the center to try to win. This isn’t an ideological debate. This is a death match for the future of this country. Read more

Thank you!! I have said before I love Bernie’s ideas but I can’t stand the messenger. I loved Elizabeth Warren’s campaign. She said the exact things Bernie stands for but she knew it wasn’t her time this election cycle. And certainly she was right to acknowledge the role sexism played and the bad treatment she got at Read more

Let it never be said that Bernie Sanders is anything but a narcissistic sociopath.  Read more

too soon?

I’m Latin American and pasty white. Should I return my passport and forget I speak Spanish? This isn’t about race and there isn’t a right or wrong way to be Latino. Be critical of people on the actual substance of what they’re saying, not their identity. Read more

How long ago was it that Bernie supported the candidacy of a pro-life candidate who kissed the ring over a pro-choice democrat?

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“I don’t like the Supreme Court Decision on abortion,” Sanders said, quoting a statement then-senator Biden gave to a reporter two years after the ruling on Roe v. Wade, “I think it went too far. I don’t think that a woman has the sole right to say what should happen to her body.” Read more

The DNC’s corrupt, dirty policy of making voters under 29 show up at the polls instead of voting through retweets means they stole the election
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