Sep 1

Remember also that he is charged with fire arm crimes because he was 1. Only 17 years old ( no 2nd amendment rights) and 2. Crossed states lines. I would anticipate he pleads guilty to fire arm charges and the homicide charges are dismissed.

Jul 10

It is not possible to reopen schools when you consider staffing needs. Many teachers will not return to face to face learning this fall. My children’s school district estimates 10-20% of faculty will not return. Of those that do, when they are infected they will require a 14 day quarantine at a minimum.So there will Read more

Jul 7

This was basically my calculation before buying an atlas last year. Plus the “sorry about dieselgate” 6 year warranty didn't hurt.

Jul 6

Testosterone causes both hairloss and facial hair growth. That would explain your lack of head hair and their unimpressive facial hair.

May 6

I’m looking forward to the largest expansion of the federal judiciary in our nation's history should Dems gain control of all 3 branches.

Apr 17

This is why I’m hoping for a Warren Vice President. I think she understands this better than other politician.

Mar 18 2020

I appreciate that you are transitioning to a sports blog. Can I be ungreyed? 

Mar 4 2020

Last night sucked bad. Not as bad as November 2016, but still plenty bad. As far as beating Trump, I’ve felt there were 2 ways to do it. Either A) bring in massive amounts of progressives, like people voting in their own self interest and young people actually showing up to vote. Or B) cut into Trump’s demographic by Read more

Feb 18 2020

I wouldn't be surprised if the Mormons bought up a bunch of those properties with their $100,000,000,000. Not would I be surprised if they let BSA use the properties under very favorable terms. 

Feb 13 2020

I'm pretty sure Robin Williams returned for the 3rd movie and brought his genie magic with him. The 2nd movie had a Williams impersonator. 

Feb 5 2020

The other thing Romney’s vote does is to give the impeachment added historical weight as the only instance of a senator voting to convict a president of his own party during an impeachment vote. Trump is forever stained. 

Jan 24 2020

Yeah, I didn’t realize it was a PDF. The case is Baez-Sanchez v. Barr from the 7th circuit. Here’s my favorite part:

Jan 16 2020

The thing is, Trump and his goons were so blatant and obvious in their crimes that it does not require an in-depth investigation. The phone call speaks for itself. The Senate isn’t going to convict because it’s full of spineless sycophants. No amount of evidence will change that.

Jan 9 2020

The boys at my daughter’s middle school wear basketball shorts with “athletic” leggings under them in the winter. It’s ridiculous. We have taken to calling them VSCO boys.

Jan 6 2020

I live in Oregon, so I never have to get out my car to pump gas. 

Jan 3 2020

It’s for TLC's new show about 14 year old podiatrists. They probably aren’t 14, but they are very, very green and I wouldn’t trust my feet to them.

Dec 18 2019

The fun thing about Yang and celebrity endorsements is that they make me think less of the celebrity instead of making me think more of Yang. Weird.