Aug 18

Not every family can afford 1-2 $1000 computers for school.  MOST families are cash strapped.  They don’t need gaming computers, just something to do research.  300-500 range.  Really I think schooling could be done on a tablet and a cheap printer.  

Jul 15

Yeah, ik its a tad much for a “beater” but you literally cannot get more car for the money, and it really isn’t that much more than an acutal crap-can commuter. Why not roll around in the living end of 20th century American Opulence?

Jul 10

Add to that the fact that teaching as a profession skews older. So, even if the kids themselves are mostly ok...a large portion of the teachers in the system are in a lot more danger. Plus, unless school systems start getting very modern and creative with sick leave policies, a lot of teachers are going to blow Read more

Jul 10

You hit the nail on the head. It is absolutely not inconceivable that one school will have every teacher infected. Let me see the hands of the substitute teachers waiting in the wings to teach at that school. The question the school superintendents need to ask is, How many sick (or dead) teachers from one school will Read more

Jul 1

She also said the sheriff’s department performed welfare checks on Stauffer’s four biological children, Kova, Jaka, Radley and Onyx, and interviewed the couple on June 4. They found no signs of abuse.
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May 6

I’m curious - how else is someone supposed to respond when accused of something they didn’t do, other than essentially call the accuser a liar? (words he did not use) 

May 1

Of course she wants people to pay for her work. I know on Jez snarks got to snark but y’all have some odd things to be snarky about. 

Mar 10 2020

I think they should fine The Discovery Channel one billion dollars for making terrible television and being such a failure to humanity.

Mar 4 2020

If Joe is simply Hillary Clinton with a penis, than Donald Trump doesn’t have a chance. He easily wins back Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. He’s like tailor built for those states. Read more

Feb 14 2020

Posts like this is why you are supposedly a feminist website.

Feb 12 2020

I’m beginning to think WKC is fixed. Every year it seems like it’s either a poodle, a toy dog, or some kind of terrier that wins Best in Show. I’m so over it. I get it, they are being judged against the breed standard and not against each other. But all are the best of breed standard for their specific breed. I think Read more