Dec 17 2018

The private sector should step up with green technology RD&D, given the 2017 tax break and piles of corporate cash on hand. Read more

Nov 11 2018

Suddenly, sickened by what he has witnessed, Chef Worf bursts forth from the kitchen and proclaims “Today IS a good day for (pizza) PIE!”

Oct 22 2018

Yes, sort of. You’re eligible for legal REIMBURSEMENT expenses as long as you’re found not guilty; refer to your specific club membership handbook for details.

Jan 20 2018

Do you have any bismuth? That stuff is cool as hell.

Jan 19 2018

Iron Pyrite (FeS2) is amazing stuff; in some circumstances it crystallizes into nearly perfect cubes. The molecules just bond together to make this shape. In the picture below the cubes formed naturally; they were not artificially shaped.

Jan 13 2018

I read this story in one of my dad’s Playboys back in ‘87. Loved it then; love it now.

Dec 29 2017

Star Trek’s an easy punching bag. It believes in something, wears it on its sleeve, and occasionally stumbles along the way. Read more

Nov 26 2017

You seriously think that was dirty? What else was Stewart supposed to do after Cooper dropped his head down to the level of Stewart’s elbow? But then again, you think PI is an indication a team is playing dirty so it is pretty clear you have no clue what you are talking about.

Nov 26 2017

He is, but I don’t know how that’s relevant to a fight Michael Crabtree started.

Oct 15 2017

And from then on, on the 24th day of every month, the nightmare would always return...(sorry I took away a star instead of giving you one!) 

Mar 30 2017

Not necessarily, so opioid drugs are small molecules but these toxins sound like proteins (enkephalin for example). Proteins can have a hard time crossing the BBB. It may only effect receptors in the spinal cord. I would have to read the paper.

Mar 8 2017

Yeah, I actually liked the statue, but I liked it as a metaphor for standing up to America’s worship of “up” markets - a visual emphasizing that increasing stock prices shouldn’t trample actual the economic needs of people globally. Read more

Mar 5 2017

Just a reminder that people who are being held in immigration detention centers are not being punished for crimes, but these centers are nonetheless run very much like prisons. I think the operators may not always understand the Constitutional significance of the fact that these people are not criminal prisoners.

Mar 5 2017

Also, immediately after a trauma, you often develop a sense of shock, and operating outside of your normal might be more than you can handle. Requesting an uber probably required less cognitive energy than calling for an ambulance.

Mar 5 2017

Yep, and since you didn’t lock your doors you don’t deserve to be helped by the police. Got it.