I work for an owner of several Ashley HomeStores, we’re closed down but we’re getting an extra week’s pay, and our healthcare covered during the furlough. We’re not a mega corporation but not a small business either, so I felt it was fair.   Read more

Speaking as a coastal elite.  Your diatribe was precious. Read more

Oh man. This weirdly got me in the feels. I practically lived on Hot Pockets between ages 10-15 because my parents had two jobs apiece. My mother would buy the broccoli and chicken most frequently because some form of veggie helped assauge her guilt. Read more

So my wedding venue was a Double Tree that had an event space, great weekend, top-knotch service.  Now so you good people know, they will just give you a cookie if you ask nicely and they are obviously not busy checking people in and out.  Turns out my friends did not the know the policy and kept prefacing cookie Read more

Whenever someone busts out a Mitch Hedberg quote an angel gets their wings. Read more

This show and hot cocoa is my Sunday night ritual. I’m a life long jersey girl and the episode where the NJ cast performed Grease gave me life. Those women were so NJ and intense it was amazingly perfectly encapsulated without turning into the Real Housewives. Read more

Also dude you legally changed your name to the spelling he gave you.  God I hope the husband knew that story before they watched the episode. Read more

If we go to a Caribbean place or an Indian place with goat on the menu my husband is instantly won over.   Read more

I have fibro and my worst pain points are my neck and shoulders, once I gave up my bras (underwire since eigth grade, currently sitting at F cups).  My tits are going to be saggy probably, do not give a fuck, giving up a bra was the best decision I made.  I also constantly change positions and I pretty much live in Read more

Man Mike’s Hard Lemonade just made me nostalgic. My first alcoholic beverage, Prom Weekend 2003. Why yes I am a basic white girl, why do you, ask? Read more

This is basically me every time I talk to my 19 year old brother (I’m basically an elderly relative at 34). Read more

They’re old, rich, cis, white men. and everyone is shocked that they no longer have their pulse on the public?  Just sit in your vineyard and be quiet, boomer. Read more

Late to the party but I always assumed the befuddling food combinations of the 50s had to do with everyone being hammered a large portion of the time. Read more

I love those! My husband gets mad if I come home with regular Cheese Its (cheez its are an only on sale purchase in our home). Read more

I just read an Oral History of SNL on a cruise back in June. The early years were exactly the misogny, the drugs and nonsense you’d expect. Notable exception of Jane curtain who came to work, and then went home to a husband and dog adorably. But yeah you can tell Lorne is sadly clutching to it like his lost youth. I’d Read more

I feel like whatever cast was on during your sleepover years becomes “your” cast.    Read more

I worked at a pizza joint for five years, and never not judged, and involuntarily shuddered when someone would order anchovies. Read more

The parish my grandmother grew up in was super poor and they declared hot dogs are okay during Lent knowing that poor religious women were going to hock things or go without to afford fish. Read more

And then Sully punched the guy in the face for being a dope. Read more