3:25 PM

Our unemployment is low because many of us have two, three and more jobs to make ends meet. These jobs are often the second or third for this person or family. Salaries have in no way kept up with the cost of living. I use this service because I work all the time. And I am a very skilled worker, who’s been discarded Read more

1:13 PM

This is the problem with this country, we call the police on people who clearly need psychiatric care.

2:34 PM

Nobody’s eating differently than they used to. This is the FDA’s polite way of saying, “With the original labels, we sorely underestimated how incapable and/or unwilling the average American is to do actual math, despite having an extremely powerful, accessible, and convenient mobile computer at their disposal.” Read more

1:59 PM

“I love my Fed-Ex guy cause he’s a drug dealer and he doesn’t even know it...and he’s always on time.” Read more

12:41 PM

Hot take: as a business owner, if you arent complaining about the skyrocketing rent, but are closing because you will have to pay your employees a fair wage finally, you arent a great business owner to begin with. If 40K more a year is causing you to close, how successful was your business to begin with. Thats a Read more

4:49 PM

The avocado. It was the focal point of so many cultural flash points - generational antipathy against millennials, panics about shortages potentially caused by deportations ad tariffs, using peas as a substitute in guacamole, just to name a few. 

12:21 PM

Cake or Death” wins. Shut it down, we can all go home people. 

9:09 AM

I legit carry cab fare (well, now it’s on my phone and it’s Uber or Lyft) when going out for my birthday because if they start singing at me, I will get up and walk out. I’ve done it twice, because people don’t believe me when I say that this is not a thing I want, ever. Sing at me at home, if you need to, but in a Read more

3:42 PM

Yea, fuck you for needing/preferring the flexibility while knowing you’re being exploited. Why not go to Fast Food, an industry rife with wage theft and intentional variable scheduling so you can’t plan your life in more than a week or two in advance. Read more

12:30 PM

I’m sorry yours is being a tool. I’m sure we could work something out. 

6:35 PM

I now can’t eat gluten at all or dairy without repercussions but Tim Hortons had this seasonal ice capp that had brownie in it and crumbled on top with some whipped cream and I’d scoop all the cream into my mouth with the straw before drinking it. omg it was so amazing 🤤

5:45 PM

I never had a Frostycino, didn’t even know it ever existed. But I’d try it. I don’t eat a lot of fast food but some years ago Taco Bell had a roasted vegetable burrito that was really good. It was mostly onion and bell peppers, I think it may have had mushrooms, it’s been so long ago I don’t really remember. Also rice Read more

4:52 PM

Moving back to the midwest means I can’t get my greedy, grubby hands on Cafe Yumm’s sweet, sweet tofu bento box. Those things got me through grad school! I miss them so!

4:33 PM

Christie’s Chips Ahoy chocolate cookies with mint chips. They tasted like fudge brownies but the mint somehow kept them from being too sweet. Can’t find them anywhere even though they were always the first type of cookies to sell out for that brand every time new stock hit the shelves.