Feb 10

This is a huge factor I only considered after buying my most recent car. Sure it gets 17mpg when I’m driving 65 MPH, but what about when I’m following the traffic at 85 MPH? Especially with slightly older cars that don’t have a 7+ gears, those extra twenty MPH results in massively worse fuel economy.

Aug 22

Semi-troll: it would be kind of cool to see who could take the most staffers or “cargo” around the track the fastest. Read more

Jul 19 2018

That Ballababy in the passenger rear seat should be put in time out.

Jul 15 2017

Look at the width of those rear tires. Then tell me again about 7-inch wide wheels.

Dec 20 2016

Lifted muddy K5 Blazers with Confederate flags and train horns parked next to brand-new S550s with vanity plates and monogram stickers. Then right around when school got out, the lot would be mobbed by Yukon Denalis and Range Rovers perpetually driven at the rev limiter. Read more

Dec 8 2016

You’d want a Kickstarter, leverage the benefits of lower tiers with the equal sticker for cash exchange with the higher tiered sponsorship obligations. Read more

Dec 2 2016

Understanding and Kinja are two words that generally have no place being in the same sentence.

Oct 28 2016

Where/when was the launch of the new Audi? I live in Raleigh and it would have been cool to spy on the new hot rod.

Oct 19 2016

Ford is taking a new approach to this whole “beat Ferrari” thing.

Oct 5 2016

There really is no need for a pursuit vehicle that can outrun a suspect because no car is faster than a radio.

Sep 29 2016

I think the world sometimes forgets what a good rapper Ice Cube is and how NWA was the apex of how many voices come together to create a beautiful cacophony.

Sep 20 2016

Technically you’re the one fragmenting here, but not upgrading to the available newer operating system.

Jul 15 2016

Incidentally this is one of the best ways any brand has used Snapchat.

Jul 14 2016

Her phone case is a dark floral pattern, look for the camera/flash cutout. The phone is very slightly askew too.

May 24 2016

Why buy this decades old Land Cruiser when a go-anywhere FJ80 can be had for way cheaper?