Apr 21

I clicked all the way through to get the the comments just to say this is the last and only time i will ever click through one of these goddamn slideshow articles.

Nov 20

The DBX is likely the first Aston Martin that can seat more than two people comfortably and humanely

Sep 23

You can’t, even in your cabin in the woods, you’ll still find those “many blood sucking creatures”. Read more

Sep 19

No, I can only post pictures of five. I actually had a pic of one with the t-tops and back off too, and tried to correct the original double posting, and this happened, so I gave up. What Kinja wants, Kinja gets.

Sep 12

Alanis, I really think the “blah” you talk about is entirely in the mind of the beholder. Cadillac’s cars aren’t just decent, they are really good. Jalopnik, for example, agreed with the rest of the auto media that the ATS was as good as the 3 series. And they look really good (yes, that’s subjective, of course, but Read more

Jul 19 2018

That Ballababy in the passenger rear seat should be put in time out.

Apr 26 2017

Dude seriously worry about other shit and not this movie.

Apr 25 2017

Your juices flow more for a civic si than an Aston Martin? Yikes...