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Almost all ban tattoos. So, even if the author of this piece found enough Japanese people with tattoos to fill a book, it doesn't mean it's becoming more accepted here. My Japanese girlfriends were so relieved when I mentioned I don't have any, mostly because women with tattoos are almost always turned away at onsen — Read more

I got fired from an hourly job for having to go to the emergency room. People who don’t think this shit happens are very lucky to have such great and understanding bosses. Read more

This. Simply working some place for a long period of time is never automatic grounds for promotion. I work in media, and the only way most people get promoted is by switching companies; very few people get moved up the ladder in traditional routes, and that’s becoming the norm here. I worked at a major news website Read more

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I guess they changed the formula though? But I hate lipstick that clumps and is drying/numbing, so just avoiding these at all costs anyway.

Stephanie Nicole HATES Colourpop and completely eviscerated their liquid lipsticks in her review. Read more

LA Weekly’s music editor isn’t interested in expanding his roster or publishing interesting, insightful content. He turns down pitches for this shit. Read more

I would LOVE to know where to find suits like this. My big hips demand it. Read more

OP also conveniently forgets that comic books, supposedly, are all about “the story.” Read more

And they’re always a woman alone in a room — or, in the case of one, locked in a treehouse tower thingy — just laying around looking drugged up, seemingly waiting for the “man” they’re talking at through the TV screen to waltz into the room and give them the sex. Read more

Holy fucking shit. You have to have a sick mind to think anything remotely sexual about a baby EATING. Read more

I have seen more nudity in the VS fashion show, which somehow still airs on broadcast TV... Read more

I wish I had friends like that. Mine just think I’m “faking” when I say I’m too depressed to leave the house. Read more

In this context, what Clinton said was fair game. The girl didn’t like that Clinton was working alongside a Black politician who isn’t HER Black politician of choice. You slam someone for not being involved enough in your community, and when they prove you otherwise, you default into tantrum mode? (ie: Well, it’s not Read more

Holy fuck, this is tacky. T-A-C-K-Y. I wonder what Amy would have to say about this? Read more

Didn’t know there was a rule stating all songs had to be about big, important things. Read more

Am I the only one who suddenly begins FREAKING OUT that I haven’t had kids yet once you discover someone in your general age group has more than one? I get so many pearl-clutching messages that my eggs are dried up and no good at almost-30 that seeing/hearing just one more is enough to send me into a shame spiral. Read more

I’m Cuban-American, and I also self identify as queer. My brother is gay. We spent a good bottle of wine (or two) at Christmas making my Cuban father so angry for continually pointing out Rubio’s obvious case of the gay face. Homeboy couldn’t be gayer if he tried. I mean, it does take a gay Cuban to know a gay Cuban, Read more

Yes! Villagar-oh no-sa was such a camera whore. Read more

And now the City of Santa Clara politicians who were so for the stadium 10 years ago are whining and complaining about the lack of promises fulfilled by the NFL (including the rebuilding of a soccer park the NFL demolished to build the stadium). Read more