Jan 20 2017

Note to self: introduce more women to Mass Effect. Badass ladies are everywhere, plenty of open world to explore, there’s a huge sense of satisfaction from getting the “best” endings, and everyone knows you’re playing wrong if you don’t pick Jennifer Hale’s FemShep. Read more

Jan 7 2017

He’d probably still call them “Sandpeople.”

Jan 7 2017

Coruscant, now that’s a great planet. 5,000 levels. We’re gonna have even more levels, the best levels. And then we’re gonna build a wall, and the Tusken Raiders are gonna pay.

Jan 7 2017

Trump: You know, Luke was a terrible Jedi. That’s true. He didn’t complete his training with Yoda and got his hand chopped off by his dad. Sad. I’d never get my hand chopped off, and that has nothing to do with the size of my hands. My hands are actually huge. They’re luxurious. They’re the best hands.

Dec 28 2016

Jason, I really hope that you writing this piece doesn’t get any of these games delayed.