Sep 3 2016

i went halfway down the comments list and still couldn’t find a mention of Glen Cook’s Black Company series, which makes me sadder than i thought it would. Imagine a Spec Ops: the Line story in a Skyrim-esque world. Read more

Mar 31 2015

true, but irrelevant. No one should have three different types of DRM on their machine simply because of their hobby.

Feb 27 2015

This is an eerily familiar tale, one I've been in myself, down to the Texan roots. Disillusionment hurts, and it's funny how few people respect that particular wound. Thanks for sharing.

Nov 7 2014

Dragon Age: Origins. i've never actually uninstalled it from a machine, even when upgrading PCs. There's so much content and replayability, and even the stale sections (read: The Fade) and the straight up weird DLC (read: Butterfly Swords) have their own curious charm. Or maybe it's the voice acting? Huge Simon Read more

Oct 30 2014

Well, that's one way to spend your free time. How much you wanna bet this guy has a torture dungeon in Second Life?