Yesterday 2:20PM

I work in public relations as public information officer for a large agency in one of the biggest cities in the country. That reads like a humblebrag, and I don’t know, maybe it is, but the point is that there are hundreds of hours of video and audio of me and thousands of quotes in print and online and I can honestly Read more

Yesterday 10:54AM

Cruz didn’t file suit on behalf of Trump. He did a test case by intentionally loaning his campaign $260K the day before the election, waiting twenty days so that it would be too late to get more than $250K back without running afoul of this rule, and then filed suit for the $10K balance. The fact that this will almost Read more

Friday 6:43PM

Between grifting and whining how unfair the mainstream is to their ‘ideas’, this dude seems like Trump’s Wormtongue, while somehow forgetting at some point, his ass is gonna be under the bus. Living that far-right dream!

Friday 6:07PM

These right wing morons always have to use and abuse platforms made by other people. They are incapable of building and growing their own successful platforms. I guess thats because everything the right puts together is a short term scam. 

Friday 6:04PM

Neat. Maybe this time he can report his income and actually pay child support.

This guy is the worst kind of scum, he really is.

Friday 5:32PM

I’m begging y’all to give this ghoul the LEAST amount of attention possible. I don’t care what “outrageous” or stupid donkey shit dribbles out her mouth — quit giving her oxygen. None of this is new or worthy of reporting on. I see some Jenner article basically every other day. Read more

Friday 3:38PM

Excuse you, every prime day we only round up the worst deals no one should buy.

Friday 9:13AM

Yep, my friends work in accounting for them and they say it’s good pay but these guys are just so entitled and out of touch. And there’s a hell of a lot of nepotism. 

Thursday 10:54PM

I’m thrown by the sneering at people who don’t want to use hormonal birth control? I haven’t used it in years, not because I’m a sucker for “wellness” buzzwords but because it made a noticeable negative difference for me. I’m excited that we’re exploring alternatives because my (non-hormonal) IUD was really painful to Read more

Thursday 12:01PM

I probably shouldn’t reveal this, because Slideshows Are The G/O Way, but you can essentially turn it into an article by making your window as narrow as possible! That’ll display the mobile view (slideshows show up as traditional articles, more or less, on mobile).

Wednesday 7:03PM

Bullshit. Bonds are also put in place when and individual is a danger to him or herself or a danger to society. Discharging a firearm in public is a danger to the community. Shooting at a child makes you a danger to the community. Read more

5/31/21 1:42PM

I was wondering why no one mentioned cats in depth and then I realized my mistake ... cats are not pets :