MINNcredible (formerly WIncredulous!)
1:30 AM

I choked on a fish bone at age 4-5, I haven't tried fish/seafood since. I start gagging almost even when I think about trying some.  Also, I am in the 10% for whom cilantro tastes like soap. Life is a crazy tapestry.

3:57 AM

You know, I *might* (I truly, truly hate running) try this. I have been going to a personal trainer since late January, but he left and the new guy, well, I’ll see about him some more. But I did my own workout two (!) weeks ago and kicked my own ass (but not too much) so that was cool.  I’m learning.

7:43 AM

I made my sister come to the bathroom with me (I was 14) and we lived in the country and had/have a septic system — no sewer lines! Thanks, IT. That was only from the book.

4:56 PM

I bought a hugely expensive Cutco block from my 19-yo stepson. Like $459 block. I cut the fuck out of my thumb --tendon, nerve, artery. ER, surgery, specialized surgery. My thumb is still not right. It never will be. I love my stepson so much. But FUCK CUTCO ALL DAY EVERYDAY.

1:40 PM

Idk. My new movie theater of choice is in the Mall of America, and they had a full-on police officer (not a community service officer, not a security guard — a city police officer) on duty in the lobby. He wasn’t searching anyone that I noticed (saw Avengers Endgame with two eight-year-olds, we were out to the Read more