MINNcredible (formerly WIncredulous!)
1/21/20 1:53PM

I wish the fuck HRC would STFU. She had 2 runs at the WH and failed to make the ticket and then failed the election. It sucks and we’re left with a huge flaming pile of shit, but goddamn HRC you are NOT helping.  I’m done with Clintons.  Chelsea better fucking stick to hedge funds and corporate seats and let the idea Read more

1/21/20 1:02PM

You’ve said all that needs saying here.

1/21/20 12:54PM

Would it kill her to accept an ounce of blame for running a piss-poor campaign and condemning us all to 4-8 years of Trump? Fuck her and the corporate funded jet she flew in on. She’s was and is part of the problem and the best thing she can do to be part of the solution is to go get lost in the woods again.
Read more

1/21/20 12:25PM

She does speak some truth though. He was a johnny come lately to the Democratic party, just to self servicingly win the presidency, who then complained that he wasn’t treated like a long standing member. His tepid endorsement of Hilary followed by his bros spouting “Never Hillary nonsense certainly didn’t help her Read more

9/18/19 10:24AM

I hear that, my friend. Perhaps an independent third party can help break through to your wife and help ease the tensions with her family. Perhaps not. But IMO it’s worth a shot. Good luck and hope everything works out for the best, or as best as possible.

9/18/19 1:48AM

That’s not a fun situation to be in, obviously. I’d say counseling is worth a shot even it feels hopeless; it doesn’t sound like it’s going to do any more harm, and maybe it opens a new path to some kind of progress. Read more

9/17/19 5:44PM

Early on I told my wife that the rules to handle my mother are “can’t win, don’t play.” Granted, I had 30 years to learn that.

9/17/19 5:04PM

Thanks for some sincerity. I won’t expect it regularly around Deadspin, but it’s nice now. It’s a problem because, me and her, we do okay. It’s her being welded into an inflexible family structure with terrible people that I’m having trouble processing.

9/17/19 5:00PM

I hope you give therapy a shot first, dude. If things are 75% OK between you & the spouse, that’s pretty damn good IMO.

9/07/19 1:55PM

Anyone else here want to tell William Macy to STFU and take some responsibility as well for HIS children as well?! Court documents revealed he knew what was going on. Way to through your wife under the bus.

9/06/19 6:48PM

I love the poetic imagery of a descendant of slaves returning as a princess. Plus hopefully they’ll have a respite from all the ugliness and drama. Anyone know how long they’ll be there?

9/06/19 3:32PM

It’s not just her, though.
The Right and the GOP are totally fine with shouting “But I’m a mom!!” while reducing funding for programs that help parents and children.

9/06/19 3:12PM

No—other women are embarrassed that you are oh-so-tangentially representing them. The fact that you cannot understand why women would be even more appalled by your lies and lack of empathy says everything about you, Sarah.

9/06/19 3:11PM

Sanders deadpan drawl of a tirade resembles the predictable endpoint of shallow, Lean In-adjacent type of feminism—an unrefined/flat argument that champions women—just for being in the room, no matter how harmful that room might be.” Read more

9/06/19 10:10AM

When hasn’t a mediocre white man gotten a second chance?