Apr 20 2018

Go ahead and laugh but that guy now has a 6 picture deal with Blumhouse.

Jan 10 2018

If it were all I did, I’d probably be miserable, but as an accessory to real work that helps inform and entertain people, it’s NBD.

Jan 9 2018

Man, no shit: when I did the launch drive for this car back in 2014, they had all this British stuff everywhere. Union Jack flags, The Who and the Stones playing all over the place. But all the engineers there were German guys! “You like the new Mini, ja? Das ist ein kleiner Rennwagen, ja?” Read more

Dec 18 2017

An opinion is an opinion, and you’re far from alone in not liking this movie, but did we really need to know who Snoke was? Read more

Dec 18 2017

Huh, these things you hated were some of my favorite aspects. It’s almost as if our opinions are subjective...

Dec 18 2017

Why does Snoke’s backstory matter? We don’t know Obi-Wan’s backstory, and it makes not a whit of difference. Ditto for Yoda. Every i and t does not need to be dotted and crossed.

Dec 3 2017

Somewhere in alabama roy moore both messed his pants AND declared this video some sort of commie, illegal immigrant witchcraft.

Nov 25 2017

Btw, notice how were talking about this stupid tweet instead of Flynn’s lawyers saying they can no longer discuss the Mueller investigation with White House attorneys? Read more

Aug 8 2017

Why doesn’t this thread have more stars. Jerks and their star-withholding.

Aug 8 2017

The deceased on the gurney was in fact named Royce. He was a rolls Royce.

Aug 7 2017

And do good things without being threatened and tend to give more to charity on a per person basis.

Aug 7 2017

Say what you will, but they generally pay their taxes without bitching.

Aug 7 2017

I’m leary of people who only do good things because they’re told a magical being will reward them after they’re dead for being good. Read more

Feb 20 2017

Three separate White House officials made up terrorist acts on three different occasions to push their offensive travel ban. Sure. Everything is fine.