Will Holz
Jun 26

Maybe Twitch has finally realized that the platform is big enough that it doesn’t need to indulge individual celebrity assholes to survive. Read more

Feb 17

I’ve long held that the best exercise is the full-body pump one gets from crushing your enemies, seeing them driven before you, and hearing the lamentations of the women.

Jan 29

There may be unexplained stories, but 1) the fact that we don’t have an explanation does not mean that it is aliens, 2) often such stories do have ready explanations that true believers either reject or are simply ignorant of, and 3) the fact that something is unexplained does not make it unexplainable. There has yet Read more

Jan 29

“Strongly argues,” my ass. Maybe if you don’t have a firm grip on reality. Are there alien lifeforms out there? Most definitely yes, probably a lot of it primitive. Are they in this solar system? The ‘evidence’ so far is mostly from nutjobs. We’re in an age where a lot of our technology and drones appear to be made of Read more

Jan 7

And articles like this help me make an informed decision about which developers I support.

Dec 14

I sometimes worry that the appearance of conservative parties gaining ground will lead towards producers of film and television productions to censor themselves in order to appeal to those they think might criticize them.

Oct 22

Between this and Disco Elysium, I am a spoiled little rpg baby.

Oct 17

move the nuclear football to a dry, bright area five feet away

Oct 6

Maybe the lesson hit a little too close to home. Has anyone interviewed the cousins and brothers of the confederate flag belt buckle wearing teen, Fuller, to ask if they’re betrothed to the vixen?

Aug 31

Really wish warframe would just focus on what makes the game good, high speed mission, by creating more variety of encounter/enemy and interesting boss. Read more

Aug 28

Right, like when Palpatine was relating the tale to Anakin, what if it was really Plagueis bragging because he managed to pull it off?