Will Holz
Feb 18

Surely it can’t be that hard to determine what exercise for most people will burn the most amount of calories per unit time. Surely that’s just biomechanics and physics? Read more

Sep 15

Warframe has an entire looter shooter hidden inside a fashion game.

Aug 31

I’ll add that there are also like a dozen ways to do combat in the game and when I want to experience something new I just switch to a new melee stance, loadout, or build in general. Read more

Aug 27

I figure they can pull it off now that it’s been memed into the collective consciousness, and it would be pretty easy with how the Emperor and Snoke are practically mummified.

Slip in a little pre-prequel flashback between Palpatine and an a similar master and that ‘tale of Plagueis’ ends up taking on a slightly Read more

Jun 25 2019

The problem is, of course, David Haller’s (Dan Stevens) abominable sexual assault of Syd (Rachel Keller) in the season two finale. It remains to be seen how—and how much—Legion will handle this storyline going forward, and if it explores it with honesty, and with its victim as much as its main protagonist. I’m not Read more

Apr 8 2019

I thought the (also new) conversation between Mr. Nancy, Ibis, and Bilquis was a pretty blatant hint that they are indeed going to ‘do something with it’. Read more

Mar 24 2019

Uh, no it doesn’t. It looks like a guy who couldn’t bulk up in time so they put him in a muscle suit. Batman and Superman do not look like inflated balloons ...
Read more

Aug 15 2018

But I want to be in the timeline that still has David Bowie!

Aug 10 2018

I’m VERY interested in having whoever at Disney rammed this through and who is currently standing in Marvel’s way. Read more

Aug 4 2018

I’m a big fan of giving people and things the opportunity to become extra awesome.  :)

Aug 4 2018

This has consistently been one of the smartest shows on television. The amount of misdirection has been impressive, I’ll admit I fell for Hawley’s tricks a couple of times.