WhoopingCough Hates Kinja
Mar 17 2018

I hope they don’t cast Trump. Just show his tweets on screen between scenes.

Mar 17 2018

If history is any indication, a bankruptcy and a divorce.

Mar 15 2018

I know. I have only been able to convince one person of this. Like he could have had cancer treatment paid for by his friend but he was too “proud” to accept it. He just wanted to sell drugs because he was like fuck it, I’m dying now I can just be the bastard I have always wanted to be.

Mar 15 2018

I could not get into breaking bad because of how White treated his wife. He was a garbage person from the jump, and we’re supposed to see him as this hero who takes on the burden of illness by himself by selling drugs. Fuck off Walter. Sorry you got cancer but you’re not an awesome husband(or even decent) for lying to Read more

Mar 12 2018

To be clear, you did imply that. And to be clearer, go fuck yourself

Mar 11 2018

NPR had a program recently that focused on a high school target class called something like “porn proficiency.” Basically, talking to kids about porn. It was nice to hear adults talking to young men and women about what they’re seeing being entertainment and not based in reality. They reported many young girls being Read more

Mar 2 2018

Y’know what? Thanks for taking the time to break things down to the level you did; there’s a tendency in current social discourse to immediately take the most emotionally-reflexive and intellectually simple reaction to any situation, and I really appreciate that you slowed down and broke this situation into its Read more

Mar 2 2018

The American right wing has basically gone from slavers to Jim Crow-ers to the people who call twelve year olds thugs after they get shot by police, so I mean...just cause you don’t sing the quiet part loud doesn’t mean you aren’t part of the same song.

Feb 28 2018

Am I the only person who doesn’t give a fuck WHY people do horrible shit? You’re an adult, you’re responsible for your actions, period, full stop, end of story, fuck you, I don’t want to hear about your past and your excuses for your shitty actions. I had a shitty childhood too, I didn’t rape anybody. Read more

Feb 28 2018

“shrill and bossy.”

Feb 27 2018

How hard is it to change the ending of that statement to “and I’m so angry that he has sullied that memory. I’m so sad it has taken us to get to this point and I’m greatful to Dylan for speaking out. How brave of her.”

Feb 26 2018

I mean, I see your point. It’s the same argument over the difference between porn and safe prostitution. Legally, the leaked photos were a crime because someone accessed her account without her permission. Morally, regardless of the law, there is a difference between you seeing someone naked because they want you to Read more

Feb 18 2018

Yeah, show me the systematic history of men’s oppression (by women) via the objectification and control of men’s bodies (by women) and then we can start to compare Leslie Jones calling an athlete sexy to what men do to women. Read more

Feb 18 2018

It’s gross when anybody does it tbh

Feb 17 2018

It crosses sports and national boundaries too. Britain is in the middle of a terrible scandal right now with a former youth soccer coach. It started with this mortifying disclosure from a now-retired pro (details like: after years of abuse, the coach started dating the player’s older sister and came over to the Read more

Feb 16 2018

What race is Rachelle Faroul, just based on her name? You get 3 guesses. What about Dontarrell Coleman? Aliyah Fatima Donovan? Sarah Michelle Jones? The assertion that someone can’t racially discriminate because they haven’t seen someone in person is absurd. People pick up on (and make explicit and implicit Read more

Feb 15 2018

“Bad form” is for cloyingly vapid simpletons. Wishing someone, particularly a bad and actively harmful person dead, merely wishing, not going out and murdering them, is fine. If Pai goes away, things instantly get better. Whether it’s the beginning or end of his suffering or not is irrelevant to the practical benefit Read more

Feb 13 2018

“It’s very scary when you know people are just not going to believe you once you open your mouth,”
Read more

Feb 13 2018

‘Reasons why’ is one of those grammatical formulations that rip out my spleen. You don’t need the ‘why’, people! The why is already built into ‘reasons’! Argh! As in: ‘I have 13 reasons to hate this book, even before I knew the writer was a creep.’ Read more