Feb 6 2017

I’m going through a lot of shit in my marriage right now and the current administration is a huge part of why I don’t want to pull the trigger on a divorce. I feel legitimately afraid what could happen to me and my son.

Nov 28 2016

Not just schools, my company sent out a memo a few months ago “training” us on how to run, hide, fight.

Nov 17 2016

I do this too, i can also get a gist if what time it is by what show is on, so i dont have to look at the clock.

Nov 15 2016

About 5 years for me. My husband still smokes and his cigarettes are smelling so good. Instead I’m skipping the smokes in favor of ice cream.

Nov 14 2016

I just started watching Steven Universe, my hope is that my son turns out like Steven. Garnets voice is so soothing.

Nov 9 2016

I’ll share mine. She voted Clinton and since she’s Filipina she makes some bomb ass lumpia. We all need that meaty deep-fried goodness today.

Sep 27 2016

I couldn’t help but notice how exhausted Cheryl looks during the little snippet before her dance. She looks like I feel dealing with a very active, somehow stubborn almost 12 month old kid. Ryan Lochte must be worse

Sep 24 2016

I remember this one photo place in that mall, we used to go all the time in the early 2000s.

Sep 13 2016

I’m amazed at Terra being there 6 six post delivery. Wanna know what I was doing six post delivery... still trying to figure out how to feed my baby.

Jul 18 2016

So she has Charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent! Isn’t that what that means?