Apr 29 2019

I’d say my husband for his part thinks he is an equal partner but he does not see the mental load at all. He also would be fine with our kids never being in an extra curricular, never going to a playdate or having a friend outside of our walls, not having gifts for birthdays/holidays, and no parties for anything, and Read more

Nov 19 2018

I have a friend who just got remarried to a very wealthy man, and she makes a sizeable income on her own. I asked where she was registered, and she straight up said that they didn’t want gifts because at this point they’d be registering for their new lakehouse, and they don’t need their friends to spend their money, ju Read more

Nov 19 2018

I certainly agree with you on wealthy couples, but the reason they exist is exactly the reason you mention. Everyone used to get married at 18-22 years old, when you didn’t have jack to get started with. You DID NOT live together, so you had no shared possessions. You had to get all that shit given to you. Read more

Nov 19 2018

I, too, am here for this sequel. I loved the books and hope that they make at least one more movie. 

Nov 6 2018

I’ve been telling myself for weeks that I wouldn’t even follow results and updates today and instead just tune out until tomorrow morning. I even considered taking the day off work to go sit on the beach with a book or go for a long hike or something where I wouldn’t have my phone or computer and be tempted. Alas, Read more

Oct 22 2018

You know, I’m an old, and though I may not heap loads of praise on the ways in which I was raised, or I should say, *wasn’t* raised (read: totally ignored, and when not ignored, brutally criticized and consistently reminded I wasn’t special, Betty Draper-style), I gotta say that now that I have kids of my own and I’m Read more

Oct 17 2018

About 12 years ago I think, I went to my Mom’s house for a Thanksgiving. In the evening we had the TV on low while we were chatting with some other family members. I see my Mom’s brow furrow as she’s looking at the TV, and she said “I know that young man”, and we looked up at the picture of someone on TV. “He was at Read more

Oct 12 2018

This is not a supernatural story and it does have a happy ending. (the other one posted here, my mom claims is supernatural). Read more

Oct 12 2018

My dad had a best friend for twenty years or so and every year they went deer hunting together at the same spot. About five years ago, my dad’s friend (we will call him Tim) was diagnosed with throat cancer. It was horrible and my dad visited him as much as he could, but he unfortunately passed away in August one year, Read more

Oct 9 2018

Ghost Realtor in the sky. “Always Be Closing ... death is no excuse!”

Oct 9 2018

I live in an old farmhouse in New England that has been in my family for 7 generations. My husband and I moved in in 1984, and we had our daughter the following year. The following weird stuff has happened in this house: Read more

Oct 9 2018

NOPE. Nope nope nope nope nope. Maybe because I was raised in a family withsensitivities” running through the generations, but I never used a Oujia board or held a seance. My mom always said you never know who you’re inviting in or whether they’ll listen when you tell them to leave. She spoke the truth!