12/16/19 4:33PM

Fancy Kristen has misplaced more than $66 million in jewelry and still hasn’t noticed.

9/11/19 1:15PM

Went there for the Ferrari fest back in 2013, the first LaFerrari in north America was being displayed (later learned it was Daddy Stroll’s LaFerrari) Read more

7/24/18 2:53PM

Nope. Almost all German insurance Co as of 2017 specifically exclude public days on the ring when it is a “toll” road

11/11/17 11:43PM

a little bit bigger than suzuki samurai, but smaller than toyota fj40

11/11/17 2:55PM

FJ40 is not boring. Impossible. I may be confused about what the broader automotive world thinks is sexy, but I refuse to believe an FJ40 falls into the boring category.

10/24/17 11:53AM

I assume it was another MK6 he imported? In the US for the MK6 R we got the option of the 2 or 4 door, but with the 7's they are only bringing over the 4-doors since apparently they were way more popular than the 2 for the MK6 (which makes mine a bit more rare, so not complaining! Mine is the second most popular color Read more

10/23/17 10:51AM

3-door ftw! (though mine is the other end of the Golf spectrum, lol)

10/11/17 3:10PM

Not sure if this is a serious question or if you have ever been on Jury duty.. Whenever an expert witness is brought in the material in question is explained in detail and “dumbed down” so that even people who struggled to attain a high school GED can understand and make a informed decision from the facts presented. Read more

7/24/17 10:28AM

Good question. I have to think that 50K cars for a subcompact is actually DAMN GOOD sales if this were a smaller non-Big 3 car company that would be great sales numbers. I think of “bad” as like 3,000 or less.

7/06/17 4:23PM

True about the dealer infrastructure. I’m in the bay area so it isn’t an issue for us, but I could see it being a deal breaker in Kansas.
Read more

5/30/17 6:17PM

You’re an engineer, you figure it out” is probably one of the best skills I learned as a Mechanical Engineering student. I felt like I was pretty resourceful before I went to college, but it skyrocketed. Sure, I learned a lot in each of my classes, but truly trying to solve real life problems was not really something Read more

4/26/17 11:15PM

With the Willys’ gearing, it was very simple. Once your left foot started letting off the clutch, that Willys just climbed.

Sure, if the incline was steep enough, you’d have to get that right foot on the gas a bit, but overall, it was remarkably easy to row through that T90 transmission off-road.