2/04/21 10:34AM

I’m kind of biased because I just bought this a few months ago but I really like the Mk7.5 Golf R headlights. The LED style makes it super easy to see other Rs on the road and I’ve noticed that other drivers appear to be less likely to loiter in the left lane when I approach as compared to my last 2.5L Golf. 

12/14/20 10:58AM

I just bought a car that can do it all, a 2018 Golf R. I’ve been wanting one of these for a long time and I’m excited for the different adventures waiting: rural, twisty drives, highway on ramps, winter weather, track days and more!

11/16/20 5:14PM

It’s funny this question comes up today because I think I pulled the trigger on a Spektrum Golf R. The dealer wanted a sizeable markup from market prices but I was able to get them to a slightly more reasonable level. The blue looks fantastic, though.

10/22/20 5:02PM

The problem is handoff and it’s incredibly dangerous in aviation. It was one of the primary causes of the crash of Air France AF447. The pilots had to exit the autopilot and discern the actual problem based on the conflicting data being shown and didn’t realize what it was saying until too late. Popular Mechanics Read more

10/21/20 2:22PM

For sure! I’ve been tracking Golf Rs heavily for my next car and it’s hard to find them without the driver assists. Hyundai should know that enthusiasts don’t want that stuff most of the time.

10/20/20 9:36AM

1st: I always stroll through the showroom of my local VW dealer when I take my car in for service, and it’s pretty clear lately that it’s probably more of an afterthought. For a while they had cars you might expect to bring up the excitement in the brand like GTIs and Golf Rs but now it’s all Atlases and Tiguans. Read more

10/01/20 9:35AM

I can rewatch Days of Thunder periodically and still enjoy it. Yes, he shifts way more than a 4 speed should allow, and yes, the in-car no-mouth-movement over dubbing is bad, but I like the V8 sounds and Hans Zimmer soundtrack.

9/21/20 1:14PM

I think it’s because it’s so silent right up to the actual crash. No tire squeal or even car sound. 

7/09/20 9:16AM

This is exactly the kind of car I want at some point: 6 speed, 3.0L and no turbos. Throw on the 330i intake manifold to bump the power to 250, add proper pads and fluids and drive it enthusiastically, ideally at every HPDE I can attend. NP

4/22/20 11:21AM

Neutral: I think industries that support business travel are going to see a permanent drop in value/sales. Companies around the world are discovering that a video call between employees and clients are just as effective as being there in person, without the extra cost of airfare, hotels, transportation, etc.

3/10/20 10:59AM

My boss bought one new, so she did her part! (in Canada)

3/09/20 1:39PM

Hello fellow Ottawa driver. Saw $0.99 on my way into work today, with a few spots near me showing $0.90. Madness!

2/12/20 4:27PM

That’s pretty nice. My family’s is about 500 sq ft inside with a separate 100 sq ft building for sleeping. Works great. Good luck with your additions!

2/07/20 4:25PM

Yep, my family has a place that is just like the photo. Mostly deck because we’re outside all of the time and it’s the best place ever. 

1/30/20 11:34AM

Everyone has a production environment. Some people are more lucky and have a staging environment, too.

11/18/19 12:10PM

Oh hey, Superfast Matt Brown. I read your PDF book about Formula SAE years ago. It was a fun trip back to my (relatively minimal) involvement. What do you think will be the snowmobile/motorcycle engine electric version for Formula SAE Electric? Most of the vehicle motors seem like they are way too big/power hungry for Read more

10/29/19 12:00PM

My car has the same suspension setup (‘10 Sportline 2.5L) and it is a very competent driver. The added torque from the diesel here would be great. That price is still too high, though.

10/21/19 8:30AM

As a few other commenters/divers mentioned, quarries are pretty common for diving activities, and most have a set of attractions to visit at different depths. In the Ottawa area we have Morrison’s Quarry, in Quebec. When I did my open water there a few years ago I saw a piano, airplane, snowmobile, yellow submarine