Oct 23

God grant me the patience and grace of the man branded with the spoon, because I would be in jail right now for using the same spoon to scoop out Le’s eyes.

Sep 10

Trick or Treating has already gotten so lame. We used to have a lot of kids going door-to-door because our neighborhood has sidewalks and the houses aren’t too far apart. But with the churches making it easy with “Trunk or Treat” (?) all the parents began to just cart their kids down to the local mega church parking Read more

Aug 26

I’ve read both sides of the shopping cart issue. People love to call assholery on those that don’t return the cart for some holier-than-thou reason. On the other hand, I’ve read some employees enjoy rallying up the carts. It’s easy, soothing work that gets them away from the store chaos and to deny that to these Read more

Jul 28

“And today, 3M is a vibrant company, combining innovation, effective risk management, and marketing! 3M!”

Jul 28

Honorable non-genre mention: Mitchell (1975), basis for the greatest episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 ever made.

Jun 16

Here’s where I very unkindly point out that a great deal of his base may be dead by November if they keep up their disbelief in science and medicine and facts and shit. 

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May 6

Delco is a trip, isn’t it? Parts feel like you’re in the deep south, others feel like West Philly, and then parts feel like normal suburbs. It wouldn’t have totally shocked me to see them doing this, but wasn’t my first guess lol.

Apr 29

This will give me something to do other than drinking like Rowsdower and Mitchell combined. 

Apr 15

The best combo of quality and price I found for commercially made workout sandbags was from Titan Fitness.