Oct 28

Oh c’mon you know this time next week he’ll be claiming victory for Baseball being off the air because “coastal elites” booed him and now nobody will even broadcast them!

Oct 28

Plot twist, this was all an elaborate scheme by Elway to kill Joe’s career for good after the mile high miracle in 2012. 

Oct 11

Remember when the NBA was so pious about how the NFL silenced Kaepernick? Good times.

Oct 8

I imagine the White House declared war because Trump thought he could get a deferment if they did. 

Oct 7

Now that Gruden is out and was the only one preventing Haskins from starting, I think it’s a good time to warn him about his upcoming future; 

Oct 3

Because Trump is committing crimes and telling everyone about it. The equivalent to this asking Ukraine to investigate today from the rose garden would be if Nixon got on a megaphone and played the Watergate tapes during a press conference. Read more

Oct 3

As if he hasn’t subjected us to enough, he has to try and make us listen to Nickelback? What a sadistic fucking asshole. 

Oct 2

Not only does that look like Dennis Reynolds, but looks like a way Dennis would wear a jersey if he couldn’t go shirtless.

Oct 2

Anyone who had a bully growing up knows that the second they get punched in the mouth (literally or metaphorically) they turn into a sniveling coward. Read more