Oct 30 2019

A question for the Funbag: why should I keep reading anything on this website after Jim Spanfeller and Paul Maidment went to the lengths of firing Barry, like cowards, for the dumbest of reasons?

I want to support the writers here—this is both the best website that exists, and has ever existed, and the best sports Read more

Oct 29 2019

You guys are awesome. It is not hyperbole to say that this site often gets me through the day. Keep up the good work, and for the love of god do not stick to sports.

Oct 29 2019

I’ll show him. In seven years, I’ll trade for him at the end of a long, pricey contract that he’s going to sign in the off-season. Then when he’s least expecting it...” [cackles like a wild horse whinnying] Read more

Oct 28 2019

“People are saying that MLB had to go off the air after their ‘WORLD Series’ - a misnamer due to only one team outside USA! - Truth is ratings were at their worst except for the one night I attended!”

Oct 21 2019

One will never know, but I listen to the “flagship” station of the Ravens every day (listening right now to Jarret Johnson). Read more

Oct 20 2019

I forgot the details but wasn’t the rumor was that Harbaugh would have been fine with Kaepernick playing QB years ago if not for Baltimore’s flag-humping owner blocking it. Read more

Oct 10 2019

No room in your garden for a doge, Tomato?


Oct 10 2019

This is such bullshit. This was one of the main outlets I read, because I can read the same shit elsewhere, but it’s less funny, and the comments literally everywhere else on the internet are completely and utter trash.

Oct 10 2019

So, let’s collect ideas for where to go now that splinter is dead. I tend to like crooksandliars, but the commentariot sucks and the site as a whole is stuffed with more ads than the GMG sites.

Oct 9 2019

So now we’re shitting on people for reaching the right conclusion but not being super aware of world events in their 20's. Just wanna be clear on this. That’s our new bar. You suck if you didn’t know about stuff in your 20's that you should have.