2:39 PM

The start of SF5 was a misstep. They’ve gathered themselves and it’s back to being a top tier fighter. 

6:44 PM

This show airs on CBS you say? The same network with Michael Weatherly and Marv Albert? Quelle surprise.

6:20 PM

I thought this show was known for groundbreaking or at least disturbing visuals. Wasn’t it rather infamous for disturbing scenes? Read more

5:10 PM

I can’t believe Criminal Minds only just finished its final season. Also Mandy Patinkin and Thomas Gibson look really weird in that picture.

9:20 PM

Personally, I’d recommend the original FMA over Brotherhood, though I totally get why people tend to lean more toward the latter. I thought Brotherhood was wonderful, but it wrapped things up a little too “Happily Ever After” for my tastes. The original is more bittersweet, which I thought fit the series better, Read more

2:02 PM

Your paragraph before last - this exactly. Whether it be tax cuts, racism, owning libs, immigrants, whatever your issue may be - damn what a way to live to watch the world being set in flames by this madman but accept that as a reasonable price to pay for whatever that reason you support him is. Read more

3:45 PM

Id prefer to do it in post, but honestly, to get the exact same effect, its harder to replicate unless you use a special plugin/filter or waste lots of time erasing darker stuff with the gaussian filter etc.

Although, to be honest, what I find the best for pictures in general is great foreground/background separation Read more

3:26 PM

As a kid growing up France, going to the Musée des Arts et Métiers and seeing the Fardier de Cugnot, but also one of the first planes, ‘l’Éole” by Clément Ader, was always the best way to spend a day in Paris. Going there multiple times as a five years old gave me a deep loving of all things that go whizz, bang,

3:18 PM

They basically built a train that doesn’t go on tracks. That was already a big enough leap in thinking that they didn’t consider a lot of other variables yet. Read more

2:43 PM

If it’s at the back, all the weight is there, which is also where your towed load is. Also, it was designed to tow cannons. Could be he also wanted to keep the fiery boiler as far from them as possible. 

2:28 PM

There are a lot of questions I’ve always had about this thing’s layout—why did they put the (presumably) very heavy boiler at the very, very front of the car? And what sort of incredible framework keeps it there? And why not put it at the very back so that at least the steam doesn’t cook your face? It just seems like Read more