Oct 17

If Drew had thought of this 15 years ago, she would be a hell lot more popular than she already is. I’ve tried to think of other reasons why I like Drew but I keep circling back to the word “cute”. I apologize. 

Oct 13

There is some irony in this launching the day most of us are off and thus not browsing The Takeout while killing time at work. I mean I suppose some of us were hiding from our relatives in the bathroom and looking at our phones, but still.

Oct 5

Anyone with any kind of mood disorder or underlying mental health issue is potentially at risk for a psychotic episode from prednisone. (family member was completely off the drywall after the third dose) And this drug is 5x more powerful? Ho-ly!

Oct 1

Not surprised. She has always had that Vanessa Del Rio vibe about her.

Sep 27

This is correct but (in regards to film and literature, at least) they’re also hampered by the combination of three facts: 1. punching upward makes for better art, 2. people who are fool enough to be conservative think that punching downward is funny, and 3. people on the right routinely feel they are the victims of Read more

Sep 27

One thing that always stands out to me is the right wings lack of creativity and creative originality. I believe that right wing people are not creative because they lack empathy and empathy is a vital component for creating good art. I suspect that a lack of empathy is what draws these people to choosing to be right Read more

Jul 28

I really really don’t want a piece of Kanye, or the Kardashian/Jenners. Sorry but we’ve all got our own real life shit to get through. I guarantee that you could ask any person in this country and they could tell you that their spouse/parent/sibling/child/friend/coworker/neighbor/etc suffers from a mental illness or Read more

Jul 22

So let’s not have a nuanced talk about the cycle of abuse, and how it’s playing out on the world stage, let’s devolve intoCorey Feldman has been wierd for a while' type talks, because it makes us all feel better for ignoring the rampant sexual abuse in Hollywood.

Jul 20

There should be more education of home buyers in general when it comes to what to expect the first year, the year after, and needing to budget for repairs and unexpected things. My wife and I have bought/sold 6 properties between us (together and before we met), and she used to work at a real estate agency, so at this Read more

Jul 7

You peeped right into his subconscious. In the moment that white man grabbed his junk, Terry made a calculation that the prospect of advancing his career was worth more than his body autonomy, his pride as a heterosexual, and even his pride as a husband whose wife was disrespected. He found a way to live with the Read more

Jul 7

I think this goes back to Terry being sexually assaulted by that white guy. Terry Crews thought he was being a good negro by not whopping that guys ass , even thought the he had every right too. I think deep down he is mad at himself for letting that go. He kept it quiet and didn’t say anything. So once he came out Read more

Jul 1

In the video, Maggie is wearing a Mets shirt (which is technically classified as a Confederate monument because it celebrates a “lost cause”)

Jun 30

This is simple; we’re a bunch of fucking morons. The logical response to this thing?- when we could see it barrelling at us for literally months? ”Holy FUCKING SHIT!” and then massive over preparation. Start making PPE by the car load, kick start ventilator manufacture, convert surplus hotel rooms and such into Read more