The Democratic Party is so wedded to seniority that the next generation of leadership hasn’t even been groomed for potential roles. Instead, a sea of aging politicians who lack imagination holds the helm, making it easier than ever to erroneously equate age with competency. Read more

people whose entire identity is wrapped up in being fit are assholes to people they feel aren’t fit. What a shock!!! Read more

Growing up my family always watched jeopardy after dinner, my dad specifically and as I grew up we became armchair competitors whenever we would catch it together. My dad passed away in September but we continued watching together up until he was no longer able to. Now Trebek is gone too, 2020 has been a really shitty Read more

I went to high school with a dude who flexed his vocabulary pretty well so that people just assumed he was intelligent. He wasn’t. Read more

considering how much of a step backwards the cashier replacement automation has been for fast food to be... you know... fast- i cant wait for this thing to break down and the franchise owner having no revenue for the time it takes to repair  Read more

being entirely pedantic she didn’t play the politician’s wife in American Hustle. She was married to the con artist. Read more

It’s interesting because the article above seems to allude to her having a net worth of $500mm. This must be her husband’s because nowhere on that CV is there a salary worth close to that amount. Even as CEO of ICE’s Digital coin exchange there’s just nothing in there that indicates a person would amass a half-billion Read more

Sneaky Dee’s is great but largely our strong tex-mex restaurant culture is gone. Sneaky disease is also slated for demolition for more condos. Read more

It’s just like.... why? this car looks like about 6 different cars all on the market all around the same price point.  Are we that boring that we just want the same thing slightly tweaked to make us feel like it’s somehow different? Read more

Like every other chain that was sold to a bigger chain or a private equity group the swiss chalet of today is a shell of its former self. Read more

I don’t know how common that is/was but sure it’s possible. Read more

I was young, like 6-7 maybe and my older sister had a vhs tape that she had recorded a bunch of music videos on and also contained the charlie brown Halloween special. The music video for Jump was on the tape and it sparked a life long love of Van Halen that continues to this day. Van Halen is my driving music, it’s Read more

Talk to funeral home directors and lawyers about the volume of services and wills they have handled in the last 8 months if you want a truer tally than the “official” one which we all know is being actively manipulated to lower official numbers Read more

watching that fly get stuck in Pence’s aquanet was the respite i needed Read more

I used to work with a gym obsessed gent who with all sincerity in his eyes once told me he felt like he could beat the shit out of a chimpanzee. Read more

It’s important to note that you can check yourself out of the hospital if you are able to leave under your own feet. It’s not a prison and you’re an adult with free will. Now it’s generally not advisable to ignore the advice of your medical care team but it’s not like he’s being released because the doctors recommended Read more

additionally, when my mom was on steroids for illness she turned into a rage monster with a very short fuse. Read more