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You forgot the NBA champion Raptors.

I still quote Crazy Vaclav, from the Place of Automobiles. “Put it in H!” Read more

That was hilarious. I was like, oh hey it’s Kristen Schaal. And wait, is that Tilda Swinton? Then it just fucking snowballed. Read more

OH GREAT, another berth. Just what the Rivers household needs! Read more

“Actually, I’m choosing to die upon this knoll, thank you” Read more

I wonder what Andrew Raycroft was doing last night. Read more

Urena Misses Target, Hits Shower Read more

I misread a tennis score early on Sunday morning so I will set myself on fire and shame. My unending apologies. Read more

Richardson was apparently very disappointed to learn he had to sell the whole team rather than each player individually. Read more

Hayward Just In Time With His Release Of Tuesday Afternoon. Utahans Turn From Jazzed to Moody Blues. Read more

That was pretty ridiculous, but Mae Young did give birth to a hand.
Read more

Try to maintain the separation as long as possible. My wife and I have been together for about 8 years (although most of that was spent dating), and I refuse to acknowledge her dog as also mine. Read more

i would hope that all the girls softball teams were unseeded Read more

There is light at the end of the tunnel. It is just a very long tunnel. Read more