Yesterday 4:11PM

Fuck that, just get me a giant lid to put over it!

Yesterday 3:35PM

Well, yeah: anyone who has spent a lot of time in a kitchen knows you don’t put water on a grease fire.
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Monday 4:46PM

I was taught how to take a turn with one hand doing the whole Karate Kid wax on/wax off maneuver while making sure not to spill the beer in the other or drop the ash on your cig. And that was in Driver’s Ed!

Sunday 12:17AM

I’m agreeing with all of y’all, but I wouldn’t mind seeing driverless cargo carriers in some kind of lane that isn’t jacking up the interstate. Also, would be good for rapid bus transit or something like that. Read more

Saturday 12:08AM

Oh for sure, Elon is full of shit, Tesla’s ‘FSD’ promises are lies, we won’t have a production self-driving car for ten years or more, and these intermediate steps are only breeding dangerous complacency.

Friday 4:41PM

I’m appreciative for a truck for even small stuff, like bags of dirt, dirty coolers, kayaks, wheelbarrows, bicycles, and so on. that stuff just gets dirty and is a PITA to put into an SUV that I’m trying to keep from destroying the carpet in

Friday 3:11PM

Slow progress, but there needs to be a mindset change that commuting is synonymous with driving. Read more

Friday 2:07PM

Totally reasonable point of view, and I think it’s ridiculous for tesla to remove input devices because all it does is reduce the market willing to buy their vehicles. That said... I’m just not going to buy a tesla, because there are other EVs that are better values for me for the cost and have the features I want. Read more

Friday 1:46PM

Kinda defeats the purpose of having over 1000hp and absurd 0-60 times though doesn’t it?

Friday 1:21PM

Suggesting that input is error suggests a lack of respect or even an outright contempt for the human beings that choose to drive the car you’re trying to sell. Read more

6/09/21 12:20AM

Or not have so many people living in a desert