Yesterday 6:34PM

While changing gears without a clutch and turning up Metallica.

Yesterday 6:19PM

Seems like the show’s creators should take the phrase “we need to sell Batman toys” and run with it. 

Yesterday 3:20PM

Based on the location, I’d probably hit the signal controls when palm-steering through corners. If so, not cool. I’d rather have a stalk. 

Yesterday 3:19PM

I drive weird. I only use one hand at 9 o’clock for the vast majority of my steering inputs. I don’t think I’d be comfortable with nothing to grab between my thumb and forefinger, and I’d damn sure not like not having anything to grab at 12 o’clock when backing up. 

Saturday 7:16PM

It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the Stans. 

Friday 11:28PM

And that is where he lost me as a fan. The cars are modern marvels, and their drivetrains are second to none, but that pandering to those consumers that want nothing to do with driving and outright contempt for those that actually enjoy the act of driving is something I want nothing to do with. 

Friday 11:23PM

Lol, that’s the way I commute, except that my one foot is usually on the gas and the brakes are a last resort. (I’m exaggerating, of course, but not by a lot)

Friday 11:21PM

While I love the aesthetics of the Kodo cars post-2013ish, I miss the mentality of 90's-2000's Mazda, and I really miss MazdaSpeed.

Friday 11:19PM

If you pull up the owners manual you can see on page 56 that there are still physical buttons for DNR. I got corrected earlier for that one. 

Friday 11:17PM

Just like the car can decide for you if you want to go into Drive or Reverse, the car can decide to be a convertible. 

Friday 7:58PM

Lol, I drive stick and it’s nowhere near that complex.

Friday 7:50PM

When we get to real L5 it will get my applause. No current production car can do that, and I don’t believe any update to the current generation hardware will do that, no matter what Dear Elon promises. 

Friday 3:50PM

Yeah, I’ve owned a Yukon and a Grand Cherokee and yeah, they do not work well for things that trucks excel at, like plywood and drywall. A Ute would be perfect for my needs. 

Friday 3:14PM

Don’t all parents, to at least some small degree? 

Friday 2:51PM

Serves about the same purpose as any sports car doing the speed limit. It’s the difference between Fast Cars and Fast Drivers. 

Friday 2:50PM

Yeah, I still think the Maverick is too large for my needs/desires. The more I think about it, the more I realize that the truck I really want is a Ute, not a pickup since truly compact pickups no longer exist.

Friday 2:06PM

And thus the incentive for manufacturers to produce “driver focused” cars is reduced even further, and a long with it our options for fun cars. I know I can’t expect everyone to enjoy driving as much as I do, but it saddens me that such a large section of the driving population is actively pursuing these types of Read more

Friday 2:00PM

These are not self-driving cars. Until the driver is legally allowed to crawl in the back seat and pass out they are not self driving cars.

The thing is, I absolutely love the battery, charging, and motor tech that is in these vehicles. If you stripped a Tesla of all the bullshit ADAS-icopia and touchscreens I would Read more