Wandering Wombat
5:28 PM

OMG. I know them. Well, I know their cousin.
... That’s all I have to contribute.

2:44 PM

We kind of have figured it out. It’s just slow, rigorous and not sexy. It’s about maintaining a consistent, repetitive diet at the right calorie intake level for our activity output levels. Which seems simple on paper but becomes difficult when you factor in relationships with food, mental health, income level,

1:07 PM

I know you’re asking BlueBelly, but I lost 50 lbs and have kept it off for over a year, and it was surprisingly easy once everything fell into place.

Changes I made: drinking all the water, removing fast food and non-free range meats from my diet (this was an ethical thing, not dietary), focusing on veggies as the

1:10 PM

hmmm.. maybe? Because I feel like the way the 100 universe has decided to handle sexuality is that nobody gives a fuck. It’s all very blasé, so there is always the possibility of queerness popping up again.

6:13 PM

Yep, Miller. He had a bigger role in season one as Bellamy’s right hand man. They’ve mentioned his boyfriend a couple times and have shown them together, but in a pretty non-sexual way.

4:44 PM

I completely agree with the Mary Sue coverage. Is it playing on a tired trope? Yeah, it looks that way. But its also a show where everyone dies. And especially everyone around Clarke dies. That’s part of the struggle of existence in the world the show has created.
I’m not gonna say I didn’t sob like a baby when Lexa

1:16 PM

Any person who does not have a cervix does not get to comment on how it feels to have something shoved through it.
I have a high pain threshold. When I told my partner it was the worst pain I ever felt they immediately warmed up a heating pad and brought me ginger ale because they knew I wasn’t fucking around.

1:34 PM

Guys, guys guys!
I was waiting for this to share. I did a 5k last Sunday with no phone- so no music, no tracking- super tired, and grouchy.
And I broke 30 minutes! My chip time ended up being 27:42 which is about the fastest I have ever run, ever.
Normally I don’t even care about pace so much as distance, but I would

11:33 AM

I really thought I would be to follow it closely, but it hits way too close to home. I loved Ghomeshi growing up. He was pivitol in me becoming interested in Canadian music, and literature, and culture more broadly. But the minute the first woman came forward I knew he was guilty. Not just because I believed her, but

2:45 PM

Good on you for #1!
I haven’t had the gumption to do that yet, even though in hypothetical land I always say I would.

2:37 PM

Sure! It’s called She Comes First. It’s not perfect, and it is written by a man so I am sure there are better books out there but I really liked it.

5:56 PM

I lucked out with my first sexual partner. Since then? *Sad trombone* Everything is just stacked against teaching straight men how to be good at oral.
Those who did do it, were not that great at it and modelled their moves off of porn. But hey, as long as there is enthusiasm I can work with that! Afterall each woman

5:31 PM

Good for her! That definitely deserves a cold shoulder and a half.

I have heard too many straight men talk about that technique like they’ve found the golden ticket to working around the system, or something.

5:15 PM

I would add any time I do see a man going down on a woman in porn it is terrible form. TERRIBLE. It is designed to be highly visible, so they’re either lapping like a dog too quickly, or poking with the tip of their tongue like they are afraid of the clit. And don’t even get me started on the break-neck fingering and

11:44 AM

I think upspeak is kind of just Vancouver speak at this point. It’s not that noticeable!

6:18 PM

Definitely weirder. My brother and I are close, but I can still count on my hands how often we have legit hugged. They include his wedding, and goodbyes at airports. I am 28 and he is 30.
We punch and push each other instead. Or he’ll pick me up and shake me. But hugging? No.

4:35 PM

You actually scared me for a moment, hahaha.

But really, unacceptable homey. I expected better of him.