11:56 AM

Not even Dad. A dad would be old enough to remember “pre-selfish” days when people didn’t want the universe to cater to them. And dads realize that it doesn’t.

12:44 PM

And you missed the part saying 12 other states have a similar law on the books; and that doesn’t impact DHS ability to do these things for those state residents. Read more

12:40 PM

But then, who would the Trump Organization hire to staff the resorts, winery, and golf courses?

12:40 PM

You’re thinking too small. Way, way, way too small. If someone came and squatted in my living room, you’re damn right I’d be pissed. Because my income supports my family, the food we can afford from the grocery store feeds us, and the house we live in has enough space for us. We don’t have a ton of excess. Read more

12:39 PM

Because DJT is a fucking baby, and he is trying to use this as an excuse to punish NY for pursuing the various criminal activities he, his children, and organization pursued while he resided there.

12:33 PM

Man, you grossly misunderstand the issue of US homelessness if you think it originates with overpopulation. Or you’ve just obviously never done any research or been exposed to the issue but want to have an opinion anyway. Yeesh

11:30 AM

Plenty of people here have you good and valid reasons why hey should. Now, can you tell us why they shouldn’t? I am really looking forward to your response by the way.

5:28 PM

actual quote from my brother. “My wife is an awful driver, that’s why I got her the biggest heaviest thing I could afford”

4:45 PM

this...a lot of the general public doesn’t park worth a damn anymore either...partly lack of ability, and partly just an utter lack of fucks given.  same with how a lot of people drive...they see you, they just don’t care, and pull out anyway.

3:54 PM

Exactly. The people who use them as tools every day can use them with skill and deliberation. The people who buy them as toys never bother to learn how to operate them correctly.

3:43 PM

Well as the original article pointed out, the rock is a few inches away from the curb on all sides. These people are hopping a curb THEN CONTINUING TO DRIVE onto the rock. They were at least inattentive enough to hit a curb, and then continue driving after they hopped it. So its both, really.

3:26 PM

The rock didn’t just pop out of nowhere. They should have seen it and the curb long before they got to the turn and have figured out how to take the turn without running over them both. It’s not just a matter of ‘oh, they can’t see the rock anymore’. It’s about people not thinking about driving because they were Read more

3:11 PM

By brother drives a dually because he works construction and hauls heavy equipment. You know what else? He can park that bastard perfectly between the white lines in a parking lot. I was with him when he parked and we both mocked all the big SUVs and lifted bro-trucks who were taking up two spaces or out in the lane Read more

2:57 PM

People seemed to do okay with big trucks, station wagons, etc. “back in the day”. It’s people being inattentive, lazy lumps that leads to this. Read more