2:14 AM

Can we give this COTD? That’s my biggest beef with modern day trucks. They went from being used for real WORK to being insanely expensive quad cab short box lifestyle accessories.

2:11 AM

You didn’t really live in the 90's if you weren’t crammed in the back of a Ranger or an S-10 sitting on one of these horrible jump seats as a child or teenager.

12:26 PM

I may or may not have used $1,500 of student loan “grant money” as my down payment for a car the summer after I graduated high school. Yes that’s pretty stupid but at the time I was attending a dirt cheap community college and my summer job covered tuition by the fall.

9:15 PM

Great idea! In Gladstone instead of purposely putting a car on the ice and taking bets on when it will sink the end of ice fishing season is usually officially marked be some schmuck driving out onto the ice in his truck and breaking through. Then the word is spread and no one else drives out on it. LOL This is

7:48 PM

My car has bluetooth so I pretty much have no use for CDs anymore other then the slot on my radio is a convenient place for my phone holding clip.

However, a year after I bought it I stopped at The Yooper Tourist Trap in Negaunee and bought a Da Yooper’s CD with this on it.  4 or 5 times a year I feel the urge to

7:44 PM

Whether or not we should be, the UP is most definitely THE REAL Northern Michigan.  When I lived down state I rolled my eyes every time I heard one of you Trolls say “I’m going up North this weekend.”  I’d reply, “Oh yeah? Where?” thinking I was talking to a fellow Yooper.  Then they’d say “Traverse City.”  The state

10:31 AM

Agreed.  Most important tip I ever got about photographing cars.  The only crappy thing is I take 4-5 shots of every car now. 

3:08 AM

The reality is that most people who don’t think about cars just don’t think about them AT ALL. If they have any shred of ego or personality that they ascribe to the car they drive it’s some kind of lifestyle or image justification. That they NEED a loaded 4x4 quad cab truck when they maybe pull a boat with it, or take

3:40 PM

CUV/SUV owners with multiple children who have every justifiable reason to own a minivan won’t because they have the absurd fear of driving anything that looks like the dreaded “family car”.

12:55 PM

Agreed. I get it, the goal of every business is to be successful and grow but the appeal of BaT was the in it’s origin was that they were showcasing affordable “man if I just had the space and/or money I’d buy that” project cars.

12:51 AM

Minus the history of really bad car buying choices, I’m in a similar budget/mindset as the OP. The Infiniti and Lexus sound exactly like what I am looking for.

As a total noob to both Infiniti and Lexus what specific years are we talking here?

Do either run into any major maintenance or reliability issues?

If these live

12:40 AM

What Volvos are typically land mines in terms of maintenance and reliability? Any particular engine or trans problematic? I want to look into Volvo wagons soon. Don’t know a damn thing about them though.

12:20 AM

I really WANT to buy one of these because AWD, TT Ecoboost, and “wagonish” body style seem to tick all of the “anti-SUV” boxes I’m looking for but the more I research the more these scare me.

Can anyone reassure me that the Power Transfer Unit (AWD transfer case) fluid and overheating problems and the water pump and

12:55 AM

Care to give me a bit of an education on these?

I want to get back into a wagon so my main competitors right now would be VW 4-motion sportwagen/Alltrack, Buick TourX, or a Volvo Wagon. I’m probably not in a good position to drop close to 40K or more on a new V60 as much as I would like to though. So a V70 or XC70

12:44 AM

Yeah the MK4 was a great car! It was actually a pretty rare VR6 /5 spd combo (only came for 2 years with the 12v VR6 being offered) and I loved it. Perfect combo of fun and utility. I was sad to see it go but it pretty much shit the bed in my last 2 months of ownership and I was fed up.

Thank you so much for your

6:17 AM

Former MK4 Jetta wagon owner here and I want to get back into a wagon again.

How has your driving experience been with the Alltrack and its AWD?

Are you in a snowy climate?

If so how does it perform in the snow?

Does it “kick ass and take names” and turn into a hooning machine in a snow filled parking lot spitting

5:29 PM

THIS! Bust out a screw driver Kristen and answer the question all of us car enthusiast wagon dorks that hate crossovers are dying to know.