Nov 7

If the school district had been doing its job all the years of this student’s education, the kid would have known not to do fucking blackface. The education system has some standing for blame.

Oct 21 2019

Hey Lauren, kind of related: do you know why using Jezebel on desktop is now interrupted by horrible autoplaying videos on every article? If you know who I can complain to (because I know you aren’t responsible!) I’d appreciate it! 

Sep 15 2019

These are absolutely gorgeous. Do you have an etsy shop the you’d be comfortable linking? 

Sep 15 2019

I have no advice but I wanted to say that I quit an MA program this year that didn’t turn out to be what I was told it would be, and it has been the best decision I’ve made regarding education. Quit things that don’t help you grow! You’ll be okay and the assistantship should be able to go to another student. Reclaim Read more

Jul 27 2019

I’m ending my marriage of 6 years. I feel so, so good. And while life isn’t exactly where I’d like it to be, I’m excited for where I’m headed for the first time in a decade. Read more

Jul 19 2019

1000 times this. I’m 5'3" with hobbit legs and have only driven tiny cars (Fiat 500 and Mazda MX-3) and yet I still have to sit so close that I’m afraid that a crash/airbag deployment may kill me. I need angle-adjustable pedals but no one makes them. I thank my lucky stars everyday that I’ve never been in an accident. Read more

Jun 13 2019

Another argument in favor of prioritizing collectivist/interdependence thinking instead of individualistic values. 

Mar 7 2019

Oh, thank you so much for explaining! That sounds like a super interesting life! 

Dec 10 2018

George Carlin wasn’t a gender-based violence researcher like the people actually worth listening to on this topic.

Dec 10 2018

No offense but no. Patriarchy has long existed without religion and will continue to exist without it. Statements like this are idiotic.

Dec 9 2018

Not petty, that’s type of thing stings. Even if it wasn’t malicious and was just a clerical error or something, it’s reasonable to feel hurt by. But I think the real question is how you want to handle it. I think registering and going to the party will be the best move for you in the long run, and I hope the folks at Read more

Dec 7 2018

Because it doesn’t matter whether the content is “good”, deaf and hard of hearing people should have access to it no matter what. 

Dec 1 2018

I lean into the no-energy thing and just lie on my back on the floor and do deep breathing, even if it’s just for 2 minutes it helps.

Nov 28 2018

I haven’t read this yet but I’M SO FREAKING HERE FOR THIS INTERVIEW. I love You Must Remember This and Karina Longworth so much. Okay, off to read now.

Nov 25 2018

I agree. Like they don’t know to bury a body and not fuck with it afterward, jesus.

Nov 25 2018

Just leave him. You don’t get to act like a paternalistic colonizer and then get your body recovered through even more outside contact with a society that clearly wants none. He can rot.

Nov 19 2018

This is my favorite comment, thank you. I didn’t know that horses had tail bones.