Vortex Garage
Sep 3

Here’s hoping it’s a true full size body-on-frame and not just a stretched Grand Cherokee/Durango!” Read more

Aug 19

I like that they’re Slovakian. You don’t see that in the U.S. Read more

Jul 30

Hitting a kerb (not talking about kerb rash caused be parking) puts massive loads on the suspension - even if it doesn’t look bad from the outside, this kind of result is pretty common. Read more

May 26

Not yet. But hopefully by mid-June I'll get it underway!

May 20

The ones pictured look an awful lot like the TSC stands I have, but the TSC stands have a safety pin that slides through the side to supplement the ratchet. Read more

May 19

Really good point. My jack stands are Autozone brand (Duralast) and I wondered if they were the same stands with just different paint on them. I went and checked them against the photo of the recalled stands, and there are some clear differences in the design. Reassuring.

May 4

@vortex garage, where are your grand cherokee videos?

Apr 23

This article, these comments....Jalopnik has become the car news website for people that don’t like cars. “Screw 1000hp AWD sports cars, we need more Hyundai!”

Apr 15

“He was buying $800 ventilators and trying to pass them for $50,000 units. “ Read more

Apr 14

Yeah, I’m really disappointed that it appears to be pretty much DOA. Read more

Apr 14

The Omega platform that the CT6 is on was supposed to also be used for the CT5 and a fullsize RWD CUV for Cadillac and GMC. When they restructured everything a few years ago those plans were cancelled.

Apr 14

I’m wondering if there was packaging constraints involved stuffing it into the alpha platform, or underlying issues they didn’t want to deal with down the road. Idk, but either way I’m content with what we’ve learned today.

Feb 28

2003 CVPI - I had to take apart the power window switches and scrape the carbon off the contacts. But it was a reasonably easy task and the window switches worked good as new afterwards.

Feb 11

The question is... if a popular democrat party president were suggesting this very same livery, would ANYONE be complaining about it? Read more

Feb 3

“in a market that can’t get enough of big and stupid SUVs." Read more

Feb 3

Maybe a lot of the work was already done for the Grand Cherokee so it’s easier than doing a Ram. Read more

Jan 22

Fair enough, I agree with all of your points. I’m just acutely aware of the necessity of periodic maintenance, e.g. various fluid changes, to prevent vastly more expensive major repairs. My preferred local Chevrolet dealership has a Corvette-specific technician who warned me about certain critical C5 ABS brake Read more

Jan 22

I don’t know about any prior service, but any car that’s 12 years old is way overdue for a coolant flush as part of normal preventative maintenance.

Jan 21

Redline: Ok, you got me here, pushrods don’t rev too well. Read more