May 23 2016

Took this from the comments on the main page, so on point... just reading the recaps has me weeping at my desk since sobbing like I did last night is probably frowned upon in the office...

May 10 2016

The one thing I’ve heard about Samuel Jackson’s preference is that he has it in his Marvel contract that he’s not supposed to run. It’s pretty apparent when, in the first Avengers movie, his helicopter falls from the sky and he walks away. It ruins the urgency of the scene, but again, he’s a mid-60s guy who’s a Read more

May 10 2016

If someone was going to found a cult based on Divine, it would sure be better than this.

May 1 2016

That kiss she gave Stephen Colbert is one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen. I’m just about the straightest woman ever, and I would bang her like the fist of an angry god.

May 1 2016

Man, I’m going to miss Michelle Obama. She’s been one hell of a fantastic first lady.

Apr 30 2016

My mother hit that point about age 75. After three marriages, she was already lukewarm about dating, but she had an older gentleman over one evening just for dinner and drinks. She knew the fire was gone when they retired to the living room and he sat right down in her favorite chair. “I no longer wanted to give up my Read more

Apr 17 2016

My son invited me to go to a movie with him and his girlfriend. And dinner afterward. And THEY PAID FOR THEMSELVES*. Read more

Mar 22 2016

ACK I was totally out of it - as in hospital, but I did think about you all - on Mardi Gras so I missed this post but it looks like you had the expected WONDERMOUS TIME! Read more

Mar 21 2016

You genuinely think this is an important conversation? This isn’t someone trying to re-imagine anything as a happy meeting of cultures - they’re not saying that this period of time was particularly beneficial or amazing for some cultures; hell, it doesn’t even look like they reference the colonialism in any aspect Read more

Mar 21 2016

I wouldn’t mind getting a glimpse into the writing department you guys actually feel outrage at this simplistic crap, or do you just sit around and think about what you can get the readers angry over?

Mar 20 2016

You’re headquartered in New York, where there is a French colonial themed restaurant named Le Colonial. It’s been there for years. Never a word. Read more

Mar 19 2016

Yeah, the fact that her response to her spiritual breakthrough and dying friendship was to immediately pitch the story to Jezebel makes me think she is not being her best self in this moment.