It is quite liberating to not have any descendants to worry about, who will be forced to live in our shithole of a society. And because I haven’t spent all my money on diapers, I can cope (or not cope) with all the crap by staying quietly drunk until I die.
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Within a week of my birthday, it is also my brother’s birthday, my work-wife’s birthday, my boss’ birthday, and my auntie’s birthday.
So, so many Valentine’s babies! Read more

It is also my birthday tomorrow! :) Happy election-birthday to both of us.
I’m in Canada, but I’m still kind of concerned for how this is gonna go... Read more

Kitty Westminster - only the classiest strip joints will do. :) Read more

Stopped by just to post this exact thing. Nothing will ever be scarier than “Look at Me”. Read more

It honestly makes me roll my eyes SO HARD. It’s just parents being fucking stupid, trying to make their kid “special”. Read more

My partner’s mom gave her daughters literally NINE middle names a piece. Read more

My MIL thought it would be fun to give her daughters literally NINE middle names (this is why we don’t encourage people under 21 to reproduce, BTW). They could probably break one off and share it with you. And then they would be one step closer to having all that shit actually fit on one line of a form. Read more

This person is living my dream life. Read more

I’d consider bequeathing my ‘fortune’ *snort, cackle* to my own workplace, a college library. We are a small institution, but we have over 8000 students and a whopping SIXTY computers that are available for drop-in use. Goddamn could we ever use an upgrade. Read more

This. People who lived through this are voices that need to be heard. And pretty much every family has one to share, about people who have experienced measles, or polio or other preventable diseases. My grandfather is another example, he was left sterile from having Mumps not too long after my mom was born. Read more

Seriously considering buying some period panties. I was told by so many people that my periods would miraculously stop after getting an IUD. But seven months later the new “normal” is a 10-day-long period followed by about 40 days off. Thankfully I’m not trying to use my uterus for anything, it’s inconvenient but not Read more

The last time I was on OKC I found it to be almost exclusively polyamorous people. I got a lot of requests to be a third, which was not something I was looking for at the time (I was single and already a third for some friends). I ended up switching to Tinder, where I eventually met my partner. Read more

I think you might be me. Both my partner and I have had threesomes in the past with other people, but neither of us is particularly adamant about making one happen right now. We talk about it every once in a while, but have a hard time putting in the effort to make it happen. Read more

I was achingly poor when I got married, and I still wish that I had one. I ended up footing all the bills for my divorce because my ex threatened to take what little I did have. I didn’t have much in the way of recourse, and ended up placating him just so I could get out of the marriage and still have a place to live Read more

Why I don’t drive high: I got lost looking for a highway ramp that was literally 3 blocks from where I started driving, and couldn’t find it for 45 minutes. Drove circles around the neighborhood until I finally found it. Read more