Right? She’s talking about herself. She’s making a little self-deprecating joke. Not everything is about you, general public. FFS. Read more

Who the hell judges over a c-section? Mommy wars in general seem to be so stupid. Read more

That was when I had to turn it off, because all the hairs on the back of my neck stood up straight. NOPE. Read more

I didn’t like this, but immediately turned on Gentle Whispers YouTube channel after it was done (maybe it put me in an ASMR mindset?) I’m sitting slack-jawed at my desk right now Read more

Also I should add that someone that calls me stranger and then tells me they love me automatically makes me shudder. Reminds me of a guy I dated in high school who told me he loved me on the first date and then acted like I was a heartless bitch who ripped out his beating heart when I did not want to continue to date Read more

You’d have gotten all my dough.

I’m torn. On one hand I like the message, calm, collected, nice sentiment. On the other hand I am screaming , “OMG KILL IT, KILL IT WITH FIRE!!” Read more

“Sentient Breadstick” was my old stripper name. Read more

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This reminds me of the first time I saw Salad Fingers...creeped out but could not stop watching.

Saw this earlier and all I could think was that it looks like a sentient breadstick. Read more

I’ve never wanted kids but I remember one day at some point in my 30s, for about 20 minutes, getting an overwhelming feeling of WANTING TO HAVE A BABY. It was my biological clock was suddenly not just ticking, but chiming in my ear. It was an all-encompassing, physical feeling that I can only explain by hormones. Read more

ok.this is petty and none of my beeswax, and i happen to kind of love clooney and amal seems like a fabulous woman, BUT HOW IRRITATING IS IT THAT HE HAS BEEN “NO KIDS” “I NEVER WANT KIDS” BLAH BLAH BLAH Read more

I like this logic. It’s so pleasingly circular. Read more

Yep, my 16 year old sister confirmed that this is because they are hyper aware of their online presence and want to be in control of it. It’s also a signal to your friends not to tag you either, which I get but...why are you posing for a picture in the first place? Why not just decline the photographer or turn your Read more

No. No one should bother with Manchester By The Sea.
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I have been trying for several minutes to come up with something witty/insightful/thoughtful to say. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far: “Uhhhmmmmmm yesssssssssss.”
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I’d be happy to see him out of anything*. Read more

I first noticed him as Boggs in whatever Hunger Games movie that was. I liked that character a lot in the book and really loved his performance.
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So are we a host when we have a penis inside us? Does that penis belong to us while we are hosting it? Can we do with it whatever we want? Just asking. Read more

“He has not been a person to do staged events for the sake of doing staged events.” Read more