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2:55 PM

That sucks. The OG is right here in my town and they seems to be going strong in Orange County. That dressing/sauce is pretty good stuff.

4:57 PM

I know what you mean. Drove a rental Camaro SS a while back and good lawd was it different from my daily with about half the 150% the HP and RWD instead of AWD. Don’t listen to the pixelated anons, your honesty is refreshing.

2:04 PM

Lived in the LBC for about 3 years. Possibly the worst drivers I have ever experienced, and this was before cell phones were ubiquitous. Lots of very old, narrow streets, cars street parked everywhere limiting visibility, and liquor stores on every corner. I was involved in a head on collision with a lady driving a Read more

2:33 PM

My favorite coffee cup in college was from Denny’s. I asked if they sold them and my server said it was a dollar, I think. Damn thing was indestructible if a bit small. Looks like you can get one on ebay for $29.99

1:55 PM

You basically said I was full of shit, and you were wrong. Sorry the vibe wasn’t what you thought it was. So just because some some poster says “prove it” you aren’t allowed a to retort without them being offended? You didn’t offer any reason or proof that I was wrong did ya? Goes both ways.

2:24 PM

I’ve eaten there a few times, and got shamed for ordering the chicken salad sammich. Even the staff looks at you funny. I’m just happy In N Out has promised to be more mindful of their charity so I don’t feel guilty getting my monthly dose of two Doubles Doubles, Animal Style, Protein Style, no tomato, and extra Read more

1:36 PM

I’d say it’s because Deadspin is, well, dead right now. But I’m still surprised to not see it referenced in the blog post, but maybe the author didn’t want a chubasco de caca in the comment section.

7:48 PM

Not sure if I’m mis remembering things, but I was a press fleet manager with Isuzu as a client in the late 90's/early Aughts and we had one 2 door version in the garage. I’m not sure if they sold that many or if we just has a demo car, but it was really expensive IIRC. It had the TOD system and the 3.5L V6 I think, Read more