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Jun 10

Well, my story of woo, I went back and forth on installing a front plate using a mounting kit made to screw into the tow point (which is only on the passenger side) by the way, even though there’s a cover on both sides. Long story short, I decided not to install the front plate and although there was originally a Read more

Mar 13

Man what happened to them? I used to go hard on their grilled fish tacos at the Austin South Congress location. 

Feb 28

Same here. If this were the car I wanted (haha, fuck no), I would want to find one long-termed owned by an enthusiast. Every city has these little dealers that “specialize” in worn-out Euro trash. I find their wares riskier than direct ordering bat soup from Wuhan. Read more

Jan 3

So he got Goodyear to sponsor a decal above the wheel arch but didn’t give him any tires? The car is wearing Michelins.

Nov 14

Cheese does make a wonderful souvenir. I brought home several pounds of various Dutch goudas when I visited friends in Grand Rapids this summer. Fun fact: Grand Rapids has a very high Dutch-American population.

Nov 14

Along those lines I’ve got Humbird 15 year aged cheddar in Wisconsin, but that was a long time ago. I don’t know that they’ve been aging anything that long lately. It was AMAZING and honestly the 8 year stuff isn’t that far off. 

Nov 13

I brought home a TON of good cheese from Wisconsin during my last visit. I think I had at least 4 wedges of Marieke Gouda, plus some 10 year old cheddar. 

Aug 26

Sad to hear this news, I was hoping to meet him one day to pitch my
WR-18 concept.

May 15 2019

From my experience, as long as the dash isn’t made of coil packs, window regulators and MAFs, it will be fine.