valsidalv, reminding you that infiniti is an option
Jan 22

I agree that the app should have cast capabilities, or better yet they should put out a native TV app like you mentioned. However I always cast my tab in Chrome from my computer and have never had any issues. Choppiness can be attributed to your local network (router) or your laptop, and not F1 itself. If it plays Read more

Dec 14

Nowadays YouTube is the way to go, but even then you need to be selective. ChrisFix makes great videos and presents tasks in a very approachable way. I was watching one of his videos to understand the level of effort for a job I wanted to tackle, and my wife remarked “he makes it sound so simple, I think I could do Read more

Nov 19

Definitely, there is difference and therefore an adjustment, which some people won’t like. But numbers tell a different story as the Rogue is Nissan’s best-selling car and is in a really close fight for annual sales figures between the CR-V and RAV4. Both the CR-V and Rogue have a CVT.