valsidalv, reminding you that infiniti is an option
Oct 21

You’ll notice the kid came to a full stop when the parents were lagging behind (9:23), so it’s only when the parents are with the child when they run the stops. Also, weird that you only point out the bikes running stops and not every car doing the exact same thing BUT with worse situational awareness, more mass, and Read more

Oct 20

But Cybertruck dual motor supposedly will start at $49k and have Tesla’s charging network. Top of the range Cybertruck will be $69k. I sincerely doubt this will do anything to Cybertruck sales. 

Oct 9

It’s actually a genius strategy to make these ads *shitty*. Then they automatically filter out anybody that can rub two brain cells together and only sure suckers respond.

Oct 9

This is a level of not giving a shit I can only respect

Oct 7

Or just put in a huge order with Mercedes and dictate that it have the USPS badge on the front and it costs them nothing extra because they just put in a giant fleet order and MB can probably tool up a new badge for a couple thousand dollars.

Sep 25

Agree on the better hardware with the Raven update in 2019 but you are way off on range. Current long range is 351 miles which not even close to double this ones 235.

Sep 24

They still sell the cheaper ones, and used ones exist. Pointing out their expensive, top of the line model, which is just a profit machine, is expensive seems a bit disingenuous, especially when they’re reportedly working on a entry level model.

Sep 23

I wonder if the manufacturers have considered this long term potential effect on the market. Read more

Sep 18

Not being 100% snake oil on paper is far from being any percent reliably performed beyond the absolute 110% chance they charge you $900 or more.

Sep 18

I have a car that pops and bangs, if I could tune that out I would. It’s a sign that unburnt fuel is passing out the exhaust, car is running way too rich or is getting incomplete combustion. Once my car is completely warmed up and has run up and down a few times at highway speeds this pop and bang feature pretty much Read more

Sep 16

Bet you’ve never driven one either. Oh- tell us what you drive so we can make fun of it

Sep 14

I was wondering how they were going to handle this, it’s like when FIFA started fining players for tearing off their shirts (and removing sponsor logos) after goals.
Read more

Sep 14

My guess is he had a few drinks and will face absolutely zero repercussions for this.