Oct 23 2019

There’s something so authentic and compelling about Warren. This story reminded me of a Medium article which described something similar about her persona: “The praxis of Elizabeth Warren”

Oct 19 2019

His faux shock and outrage and the artificial expressions he uses to express them are giving me serious gaslighting vibes. Read more

Jul 14 2019

Thank you for your enthralling thread. You do know how to spin a yarn!!!

Feb 8 2019

“Normalcy” is such an essential privilege that of us who lack it strive to pretend we have it. Read more

Feb 7 2019

It’s weird to think that others make up trauma to get a leg ahead. For years I tried to disguise my weird background because I was ashamed and wanted nothing more than to “pass”. Read more

Feb 6 2019

Abuse seems like a feature more than a bug of its authoritarian and hierarchical structure.

Feb 5 2019

I just wanted to reach out and say “same!” re: estrangement from abusive Catholic family. I like to think I did pretty good damage control in my life, but I still get super excited when I hear of the rare person who knows that mind-fucking weird pain.

Jun 12 2018

which one? Having a mind fart.

Jun 8 2018

I came for the George Eliot lesbian milkmaid romps; I was disappointed. Interesting interview, but way to get my hopes up with the misleading title :p

May 29 2018

My homemade smoothies can’t be drunk without a straw, because they clump unevenly and you either get nothing or a smoothie moustache and beard with each sip. Read more

May 25 2018

I am delighted to hear that as an actual plant scientist you are not fazed by the SOY GIVES DUDES BOOBS headlines. I weirdly crave soy products every period and will continue to indulge that with less trepidation :)

May 2 2018

I will never not star Freudian analysis (apologize for the size)

Apr 29 2018

I leg-pressed 430 lbs twice this week! I’m getting to the maximum of the machine and won’t be able to progressively increase anymore lol

Apr 29 2018

I have been single most of my life, and I feel you! I found a way to hack that need to have some companionship/entertainment while eating - my Kindle. Reading “fun” literature is a total treat when reading has been mostly work - whether it’s humor or the New Yorker or some Terry Pratchett or Jane Austen I downloaded Read more

Apr 29 2018

I am finally starting to lose the 30 odd pounds I’ve put on in the last 7-8 years. It was really easy in my teens and early twenties to drop weight, but this time around I’m dealing with a different metabolism. I did a lot of research and found out that it’s more often the TYPES of food I was eating that was keeping Read more

Apr 24 2018

Good point! I accept your amendment. You have to weigh whether the disturbance is causing any risk equal to or greater than what a Black person might be exposed to with the police, which unfortunately could be plausibly be assault and murder. Trespassing definitely wouldn’t cut it.