Jan 10 2020

This is not the first—or certainly the last—time management at a heralded publication has tampered with journalistic integrity for profit, or shown a clear misunderstanding of basic editorial principles.

Dec 3 2019

The Jesus movie I would like to see: The Harrowing of Hell, but done as a heist or prison break movie.

Nov 26 2019

It would be a lot less infuriating if people like Johannson and Degeneres didn’t try to twist their continued friendships with people who have done shitty things as some sort of brave or morally courageous stance. The simple fact of the matter is you like someone personally for whatever reason, and don’t want to Read more

Nov 20 2019

It sounds like the original term might have been more precise if it were “emotional capitalism,” because that makes it clear that it refers to the emotional labor that is performed for money. The terminology wasn’t right from the beginning and it makes a lot more sense in its broad application now. The idea that you Read more

Nov 18 2019

“But it is a heavy burden. So heavy that none could lay it on another. I do not lay it on you. But if you take it freely, I will say that your choice is right; and though all the mighty elf-friends of old, Hador, and Húrin, and Túrin, and Beren himself were assembled together your seat should be among them.”
Read more

Nov 14 2019

“The consumption of food was a sacrament of success. A man who carried a great stomach before him was thought to be in his prime. Women went into hospitals to die of burst bladders, collapsed lungs, overtaxed hearts and meningitis of the spine. There was a heavy traffic to the spas and sulphur springs, where the Read more

Nov 13 2019

It is a shame that too many people on the wrong side of history will never really get their comeuppance (I am an athiest and don’t believe in karma; bite me. I am also using “karma” technically incorrectly but I’m not a Sanskrit scholar so fuck it).

Nov 1 2019

All of these people are simply finding their own ways to leverage the monarchy to achieve their own goals, whatever they may be. Which is probably what any of us would do if we had intentionally put ourselves in a similar position, as they have, but it doesn’t change the fact that they are basically doing business. Read more

Nov 1 2019

The Royal family is about as modern as the Pope is cool. All William and Harry did differently was pick their own wives. Those wives completely transformed their lives to fit into royalty while the men did nothing to change theirs. So THAT didn’t really change. Read more

Nov 1 2019

The idea of a monarchy at all is archaic so all of that wealth, prestige and privilege that was accumilated for doing nothing should be rejected if they really want to modernize anything.

Oct 30 2019

I used to get local TV anchors coming to me for makeup help when I worked at Sephora. One guy had the perpetual sunburn that Trump suffers from, and I put him in a matte powder that evened him out. His skin texture wasn’t so bad though, and compared to him, Trump looks like he has some rosacea paired with tanning bed Read more

Oct 30 2019

You have a good sister. And yea, I always hate how wedding makeup looks but then you see the photos and its like ohhhh I get it now.

Oct 21 2016

OK, so about 3 years ago, there was a fire in my childhood home in Connecticut, and the entire house burned down. Luckily, no one was home at the time, but the whole event was very traumatic and sad for my family. So about 6 months after that happened, my then-boyfriend (now husband) and I were back in my hometown Read more

Oct 21 2016

Okay, so I’ve never posted anything here before, but I’ve been reading the spooky stories for a couple of years now and they’re great and I’ve finally built up the courage to share one of mine. This is also going to be a long ass story, so please bear with me. Read more