Unspeakable Axe
Jul 23

You’re forgetting this is a William Hughes article, and therefore unwarranted snark is the order of the day.

Jul 23

Slightly sneery tone about Clint Eastwood aside, this seems like a pretty clear cut case. They’re fraudulently trying to associate him and his image with a product he doesn’t endorse without getting permission or paying royalties. I know Eastwood’s a super right-wing old white guy who makes boring movies these days Read more

Jul 17

How is that the same? A statue honors something and people aren’t given a choice to opt-in on it. You have to seek out a tv show on a streaming service.

Jul 15

I have a pretty high arthouse tolerance, but this seems like what all arthouse movies would look like to people who hate them.

Jul 13

You didn’t even read the headline, ffs. Is that some sort of record for laziness?

Jul 10

Search and Rescue is not the cops, and suggesting that they even need the benefit of the doubt implies that there was something to be doubted in the first place, which is baseless. Read more

Jul 7

I would think that once the film comes together, it’ll be good. My concern is that Miller’s vision for the project seems to change with the wind. Still, I look forward to it.

Jun 30

Here’s what gets me about the AV Club. They’re all about being kind and understanding and progressive (which is a good thing), but underneath it there’s still this subdermal layer of nastiness with stuff like this. Yes, this person is acting foolishly, but why tape it and share it? And if you’re a successful media Read more

Jun 28

He seemed decidedly not guilty before, and filing a lawsuit for something that clearly sounds like defamation doesn’t somehow make him seem guilty now.

Jun 24

I think he had the outline of the overall plot, but the actual mechanics of it have gotten out of his control, especially with the side quests, subplots, and secondary characters he found and developed along the way.  Trying to reconcile all those things with his original vision (along with his natural tendency to Read more

Jun 24

Most of his new POVs don’t need to be there anyway. Why the hell did we need four different POVs just to explain “there’s some unrest in Dorne but nothing happens”?
Read more

Jun 22

Who would have thought Justin Beiber of all people would have a mature response to something like this. I appreciate that he said “Every claim of sexual abuse should be taken very seriously”.  

Jun 14

you guys are basically the only tv and film site consistent enough to matter anymore and you are squandering your credibility in broad daylight Read more

Jun 12

This is the closest a game has ever come to a novel/movie to me, emotionally speaking. I have never felt so connected to a game like this before.. 

Jun 12

Amen. You got it. Either be 100% ideologically pure, or don't say anything at all. What a way to build a movement. 

Jun 11

Ha ha! Can you believe these stupid fucking assholes, doing this thing we support in a way we slightly don’t like? I wish I could kill them all myself, right?