Unspeakable Axe
6:37 PM

I think ‘axemanship’ used to describe guitar playing is my Kryptonite. Or any iteration of an axe used to describe a guitar, really. It is so wildly outdated and silly. No offense meant toward your username. Read more

11:48 AM

Look, I know it was stupid and tone-deaf, but I think the intention was good at least. I know we’re all upset and stressed but this is blowing things out of proportion. People directing their rage at Gadot and her famous friends should aim their hatred at the world leaders who spent years of the neglect and stupidity Read more

10:01 PM

They are my backup brand, as they’re always available. And if I’m buying cans of sauce it’s my go to unless I can find a brand where the ingredients read “tomatoes” instead of “tomato puree (tomato paste, water)“. There’s nothing wrong with the later, the former just tends to be a bit better. Can’t find it no problem, Read more

1:34 AM

Thank you for using the word “memetic” properly.

9:57 AM

I’m VERY reluctant to go to “gaslighting” if only because I have a stubborn aversion to using terms that seem to really capture the zeitgeist, and then hang around forever as people overuse, misuse, and otherwise make tedious these terms like they’re all college freshmen who just got to a new part of the English Read more

9:38 AM

It’s not her friends that are gaslighting her though. I think this is one of the rare circumstances where the term is used correctly. In the original movie, the main guy is doing things like flickering the lights, then telling his wife that he didn’t see anything when she questions it, which makes her feel crazy. Read more

6:08 PM

I’m sure it’s a hard pass for the one eating the pushpin, too.

1:29 PM

Except, as the article explains, Che’s discourse devolved to the point of smearing Jack Allison as a drug user and purveyor of strip clubs for all of his Instagram followers to see.

10:15 AM

I mean, here’s the thing - I think there is a line between the depiction of something and the endorsement of it, and I do hope this book doesn’t tread over that line too far. I’m not looking, especially in this day and age, for stories that explain the roots of monstrous behavior as a way of justifying or somehow Read more

12:15 AM

When oh when will people realize that this isn’t going to suck just because it humanizes an ultimately villainous protagonist? Read more

11:23 PM

What are you talking about?  Everyone knows that every show on television not focused on a Lawful Good protagonist is actually incel alt-right propaganda.  Breaking Bad was a tool used to make white guys all want to become drug dealers.

11:15 PM

I don’t know why we’re making a big fuss about this. I mean, antiheroes and villain protagonists are a thing in literature and have been for a long time now, it’s not some trend that just started. And it’s not an automatically bad idea to have one. So long as the work takes care to show that the bad guy protagonist is Read more

9:52 PM

“You’ve killed millions, but you’re still coasting on a lot of good will from that bake sale five years ago.”

6:22 PM

No, it’s true: All monstrous humans emerge fully formed that way from the womb, and understanding how and why they turned out the way they did isn’t important, nor is acknowledging that they’re *humans* who do monstrous things, not some species that is inherently and intrinsically different from the rest of us Read more