Unspeakable Axe
6/08/21 7:31PM

Nobody’s asking you to care. But I've been reading and commenting on this site for a long, long time, and I do feel a bit obligated to say goodbye. Honestly I find their decline rather sad, and leaving here feels sad, too. I'll miss talking to some people here. 

6/08/21 3:22PM

I think I’m done too. Tried to make a clean break before, after the Kinjapocalypse and writer exodus, but the site still filled a niche in my life. Lately though, I just feel like I’m getting lectured by a bunch of snotty kids whose claim on the moral high ground is tenuous at best and outright disingenuous and Read more

6/08/21 1:18PM

At the risk of sounding like a thousand year old man, I don’t get it.

6/07/21 9:54PM

Congratulations. You jackals cowed a woman into apologizing for participating in the culture of her time and geographical area while still an ignorant teenager. Not only apologizing, but apologizing *again*, as she has spoken on this already in the past. And now, instead of admitting that you flew off the handle Read more

6/02/21 2:53PM

Please, we only have one perfect film and that’s Raiders. I’ve never understood the love for films 2 and 3 in any way. Read more

6/02/21 10:01AM

This is a really dumb nitpick of a really easy joke, but--that cover is all wrong. It’s not dramatic enough and it’s not in a minor key, either. It needs to be bombastic, slow, over-produced, and sound like a parody of sadness.

6/02/21 9:07AM

Sadly, I do think the outrage is genuine. But that doesn’t make it less stupid or embarrassing. Twitter progressivism (of which this site is little more than a withered extra limb, at this point) has convinced all its adherents that they are right about everything and that getting mad at people for years-old, vaguely Read more

6/02/21 7:07AM

It’s the last step before they just remove the jokes entirely and move to nothing but self-righteous screeds.

6/01/21 5:53PM

Oh, you so silly sometimes, AV Club. Feel like even recognitions might have to roll his eyes at this one.

6/01/21 3:15PM

No argument. It’s a detail-oriented profession. I was only contesting the specific assertion that “if you spelled someone’s name wrong you got fired.” I simply don’t believe that kind of absolute statement. There must be thousands of journalists who spelled a name wrong once or twice, and weren’t fired. Not to Read more

6/01/21 12:33PM

I suspect that a lot of this comes from fuzzy memory and/or a singular perspective that someone is allowing to stand in for everyone’s experiences across an entire field. I mean, there are numerous instances you can find with a quick Google search of journalists for major publications who weren’t even fired for lying, Read more

5/31/21 8:20PM

Back in the day....20 years ago...if you spelled someone’s name wrong you got fired. It meant you didn’t care and that you were a hack and that you were incompetent. Read more