unreliable narrator
Jun 28 2019

Thank you for not spending any time on Cory, the biggest nothingburger in that house, but how come no mention of Jo? Whenever I remember that Puck got voted out of the house, I think, “Oh yeah, Jo.” (And remember they also interviewed Mark with the tall hair, who ended up being on the first season of Road Rules?)

May 13 2019

Jaime is probably dead, since he was pretty badly wounded by Euron. Cersei? I’m not so sure. (I subscribe to the Lost-era “if you don’t see a dead body, don’t assume they’re dead” school of thought.) I can definitely see her crawling her way out of that crypt.

Dec 1 2018

Do you read the Ask a Manager blog? Alison, the writer, occasionally does Q&A posts with people (anonymized) who have interesting/unusual jobs - I bet she would love to do one with a flight attendant! 

Nov 7 2018

Meghan looks so much like her mother in that cover photo! I don’t usually see that much of a resemblance. 

Oct 5 2018

The only person I know who watches this show is my 79-year-old mother and I can’t *imagine* how much of the so-called humor must go over her head. I do not understand how this show has stayed on the air for so long.

Sep 18 2018

Getting an EGOT is too easy these days. New rules: proposal at Emmys, marriage at Grammys, divorce at Oscars, death at Tonys.

Sep 5 2018

I’m so excited Midweek Madness is back! Kendall Jenner is levitating in front of that hotdog stand!

Aug 1 2018

Actually, I think her modeling background was over-reported - I definitely remember reading this when Lost first started, but I looked into it just now to confirm, and it sounds like she was signed by Ford and did some commercials but was never really a print model. (Not sure where I got the swimsuit part from.) But Read more

Aug 1 2018

Right. She was a swimsuit model IIRC, not an actress. (And it showed, tbh - she was always pretty wooden.)

Aug 1 2018

Yeah, she has to be saying “nudity” for “simulated nudity.” If they wanted a scene with sideboob or whatever they could get away with on a prime time network show, she’d probably have had her nipples covered. Maybe they could show a bare butt? Not sure. Anyways, whatever they wanted her to do was something she wasn’t Read more

Jul 17 2018

Yeah, I came here to comment on the clothing - it’s pretty off for 1984. Mainstream kids were dressing like that in 1986 and 87. The Americans does a much better job of illustrating what normal people were wearing in the early 80s - it was much more drab than this. Kids in malls weren’t dressing like Crockett and Read more

Jun 26 2018

Yeah, neither of them are dressed for a wedding, IMO. Especially in the morning. (Kit, after all, is wearing a morning coat, not an “elongated black blazer” which the author of this post seems to think is some kind of edgy fashion choice and not extremely conservative posh British wedding-wear.)

Jun 14 2018

This is so cute - I love that it’s not just actors playing being at a high school reunion but that this is actually a reunion for them, since they were all together at that age. Craig looks a little too much like Vince Vaughn and Drake’s turtlebeard is kind of freaking me out, but otherwise everyone gets an A+ from me.

May 19 2018

I know, I can’t believe there are people who look like that in real life, it looks like a movie still.